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UK Powerlifters: Knee Sleeves?


Where do you buy yours from and what do you usualy go for?

I like the look of rehband originals but you cant get them over here and to get them from usa is expensive, thats if they got any left over there!





I don't understand this knee sleeve thing, are they supposed to simulate wraps? are they legal? What is the purpose


Ahhh the innocence of youth. Wait 'till you've been lifting for 10 years or so then you'll understand. Most people on the over35 forum seem to use them.

Whether you get any strength carryover from them is debatable but they definitely help my old knees by keeping them warm during lifting. They are nothing like knee wraps.

As far as I know sleeves are legal in all feds including RAW.

I had some neoprene ones that kept my knees really warm but the stitching didn't last 2 months. My current ones are from strengthshop and I would recommend them.


i got a pair of Tommy Kono's from somewhere not expensive, still going after over a year



excellent, I bought their own brand - still going strong 6+ months down the line


lol, oh


I like them just to keep the old knees warm, they dont add anything to my lifts.

Thanks for the replys. What ones exatly have you bought from there?


I think mine were the Thor ones, I think I do get a little from them..not much though...e-mail them if you're not sure which ones, their service is excellent


Another vote for strengthshop. I got these ones: http://www.strengthshop.co.uk/sleeves-wraps-straps/knee-sleeves/hercules-knee-sleeve-support-brace-thick-heavy.html, they've done great so far


Rob are they the single ply ones? The link aint working. What size did you go for?

Everyone else who uses strengh shops own make what size did you go for? The single ply sizes are weired, double plys are ok as im 40cm round the knee.


Whoops forgot to check the link. Yeah the single ply ones, think they call them hercules. I'm about 100kg so I got the 4XL, they fit pretty nice. I just used the size guide on the page.



Would be careful with sizes, I have the XXL (they fit good) and I am only 95kg...