UK Powerdrive users

Anybody from the UK here use powerdrive?
If you do , have you found “Club soda”?
Or can you just mix it with normal soda water (i think there’s a difference with PH right?)


I’m not from the UK, but I’ve had a whale of a time dissolving 2 scoops of Powerdrive in 16 oz of club soda. Any tips?

I’ve always mixed my Power Drive with plain old water and have gotten great results.

im just curious… whats the reason for using club soda? do the results vary on the use of ordinary tap water vs. club soda?

Club soda is supposed to increase the absorbtion of PD.

what is it about club soda that makes it better than water or just regular carbonated water?

guess i’ll just use it with water then
i’m gonna take a double serving before my fight on sunday
60 minutes before so to allow for full absorption

Does that sound ok?