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UK Ordering of Biotest Products


Attempted to order some Grow! the other day and got a message about how customs can get hold of products etc and no refund wud b given if for watever reason the products werent allowed thru... I am currently awaiting a Biotest response re: this as obviously I'm not goin to put in a 50-60 ? order ($80 odd or so) if im not goin to receive anything.

However, I'd also be interested to hear other peoples experiences - hence the post : how have other UK buyers found purchasing from this site?! There must be people out there so please step forward and let me know how it works!

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


I have ordered the full Biotest product range in a number of orders to th UK, and have never encountered any customs problems. The warning you have received is a standard one from Biotest, and is a genersal one at that. However, be prepared to pay between $35 and $95 p&p.As well as that, uk customs via fed ex will charge you more money when you receive your goods. The additional charge is at least 25% of the value of the goods you have ordered. Hope this helps.


yes mate, that helps loads thanks, so basically to sum up, i will get the stuff, but illhave to pay the cost (say $80) + P&P + another approx 25% charge...

is there a way of finding out P&P charge before i say yes to the transaction?! or i cud jus say what im ordering...

1 Grow!
1 Grow Bars
1 ZMA supp...

(currently trying to bulk:)). thanks very much for the lelp.


You can determine the shipping charge by entering the order in the T-Nation store.

You don't need to finalize the order in order to see the shipping charge.


Am i right in hearing your willing to pay 90 or so dollars for just p&p?! Have you won the lottery recently? Or are you just loco?! Mate you can buy Biotest from UK supplement companies, and it will work out a lot cheaper. These companies do FREE delivery and usually next day. PM me and i'll let you know the site.