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UK Members!


My town is in the top ten. Bunch of pie eating hillbillies.

where is your town?


im in london- Croydon to be more specific! ne fellow T-Nationers near by?


Pah! My town isn't even on the list.

I can vouch for it being full of the "gravitationally challenged" though, perhaps if we try harder next year we can reach the top 20.

Break out the pies!




Damn, second!
I don't care, makes me look better in comparison!


Belfast (16)

Quite surprised cos as far as I know we're no. 1 for heart attacks


Newcastle & Leicester, fat fat fat


Mine (Bath) isn't in there either. Apparently not big enough to warrant consideration.


Manchester - proud to be 4th fattest.

Re the croydon lad above - are you a fellow Palace supporter by any chance?