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UK Members: REZ-V

So, I placed an order for 6 bottles of REZ-V during the 2for1 special - I however got them on backorder.

I got an email last week that they are back in stock and I can receive them on that same deal - 9 bottles for the price of 6.

So, with some calculations, it seems that 9 bottles would be worth $35 each - same as from the store! This is after shipping and customs charges to the UK.

I am willing do place an order if I get enough people to buy these - obviously you are getting a deal for the price (I don’t want to make anything - my only charge will be royal mail postage costs.)

I don’t want to order them for myself as I have already spent about £300 on my last order - which is topping my logical supplement budget.

So, any takers?

I was thinking of ordering some things from Biotest but the postage is a bit on the expensive side, I might be interested if you order other products

Well I’ll only be ordering this if I get enough interest - I have a month before the offer expires (17th of April).

I ll take one and do you think you can order 1 bottle of BCAA s as well

Cool - bump?

my name is namir nigeria, on behalf on my late cousin twice removed, if you send cashirs chek to me, I will forwerd it to the national bank of yukhama where a certified REZ-V product will be placed immediately upon our talking. please have faith in me. be informed that this check will be in amount of 10,000,000 REZ-V bottles (30,000,000 USD)

:smiley: dont’ know why this just popped in my head, but yeah, good luck

LOL it does sound a bit like that, huh?

Oh well, it was worth a shot seeing how much these things cost here.