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UK Lifters: Barrie Nelson Dies

Barrie Nelson founder of of Steelman Powerlifting Club passed away on Saturday 25th July.

From the GBF Forum:
It is with deep regret that I can confirm that Barrie died earlier today. He supervised training as normal this morning (Steelman lifters Sue, Nirmal & Paul plus Louise visiting from Harrogate (Marie is away)) and seemed in his usual good form - making plans for next week (Yorks vs Lancs) and for the rest of the year. After the gym he went to Sue & Tony’s for a meal and became unwell there.
This is a great shock to the club, the YNE, and all in the GBPF who have benefitted from Barrie’s input over the years. He has many friends all around the world.

Even if you’ve never met or even heard of him, take a look at his article by clicking the link


It gives a flavour of the guy’s attitude.

It’s always sad to here about a great lifter and person to die, RIP.

RIP. A few guys I’ve trained with knew him and greatly liked and respected him. Very sad news.