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UK Laws

so altered what do you think will happen to that law of it is legal to import and use with London having the next olympics?

Down the bottom of TFA:

Fewer than one per cent of 11 to 15 year olds took anabolic steroids in the last year, according to the Information Centre’s survey of young people, while only 0.1 per cent of adults took anabolic steroids in 2007/08. Nonetheless the Government is determined to take tough action against these harmful drugs.

Read, “Fewer than one per cent”. A lot of people will read that as “one per cent” but its “fewer”. That could be 0.0000001% for all we know.

Either way, its a PR campaign to show that we’re doing something.

Smoking causes cancer, alcohol can cause a whole host of behavioural issues, yet some dude wanting to get a little more size isnt able to cos some other dude got a bad rash on his chest. Great.

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