UK General Election

Upcoming General Election coming up and Locals have just taken place with results coming in.

Treco posted this in Brexit thread but I thought to move it to a seperate discussion.

Scratch that thought. Tories gain 300 hundred new seats.

Also Mrs Abbott is having a poor week.

Hit paywall. So most Tories don’t want brexit? Just the UKIP flavored conservatives? So the Tories wiping the floor with Labor is good or bad for brexit? I’m not familiar with British Politics sorry for the dumb questions.

The EU breaking up or staying together is the most pivotal thing that could happen this century. If Britain goes, the PIGS might follow. Germany and France NEED the failure nations to stay so they can keep the Euro depressed and encourage exports.

They mostly do, but on their own terms to ensure a “Strong and Stable” Britain throughout the leaving process. [quote=“Basement_Gainz, post:3, topic:229319”]
So the Tories wiping the floor with Labor is good or bad for brexit?

Good for Brexit as Tory leaders wanted to leave and are running the show as planned.

I’m predicting a Le Pen win then a impending Frexit, if Macaroni were to get in another 5 years of constant terrorist attacks and awful policies will lead to Marine winning in 2022. Once Merkel is voted out of Germany the people will vote for a right wing candidate to take over shop and fix the disaster she left. Maybe a possible Grexit (need a better slogan). The death of the EU isn’t a if for me but a when.

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This is looking like the Blair landslide in reverse. What it means for Brexit is somewhat unclear. The Tory backbench are the strongest Brexiteers around, them being relegated to a relatively small priority for the Whip could leave them out in the cold.


I would have thought that Tories wining in a landslide would have had the opposite effect than relegating them to a smaller priority?

The concern is, Aragorn, that the backbench hardcore Brexit bunch are ~20 MP’s. Currently that is the grand total of the majority. When there are 100+ more, then it may be easier to ignore their concerns.

This is worrisome, as I have a sinking feeling this sabre rattling is all a ploy.

That said, Comrade Corbyn being sent back to the political wilderness is always a net positive. Some quotes from his shadow chancellor may demonstrate why this is so necessary.

Ugh, the Tory manifesto is the worst brand of soft Tory garbage. I cannot believe they are screwing this up. Of all the general elections to lose, losing to Jezza “Friend of Hamas” Corbyn must surely be the worst of all possible worlds.

Fear of a “drift to the right” my aching hole. Any colour, so long as it is red.

I thought the loony left and the Corbynites are not interested in winning but in eternal struggle and ideological purity? Aren’t they supposed to lose massively?

The Tories have done a u-turn on social care funding on their manifesto within 4 days. I have attached a visual aid to current Tory election strategy for non-UK residents:


The lead has narrowed from 16+ to 9 on certain polls in days. The “shy Tory” vote is a common polling bias in the UK, and they often outperform, but given the Cameron government got a +6, anything less than a route against Corbyn indicates severe voter discontent from even a week ago.

EDIT: The +6 gave a 17 seat majority, if this turns into a hung parliament on the way into Brexit negotiations, this will be the costliest gamble in UK electoral history.

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Holy shit, that was funny.

Also, it reminds me of GoP strategy this past election and since.

Is it too much to ask for some foresight?

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Apparently basic competence is a stretch.


They lost a fair amount of their lead when the manifesto was put out. I thought it would’ve been properly costed like Labours was but they left it too vague and Theresa is getting grilled for it.

I think Corbyn winning is unlikely at this point, not that I want him to, and Farron is off being a loon. Hopefully May can regain a bit of her lead and get her Strong and Stable Ggovernment she so desperately wants and we need.

The annoying thing is, she need not have made any statement about social care. Christ on a bike, this is the Brexit election. People are looking for any reason to vote for her as is.

She could’ve just have a 2 page manifesto saying about Brexit and strengthening her hand and saved herself the trouble that she is encountering. Corbyn has made so much inconsequential promises and mentioned Brexit very little and is focusing on other issues.

He is focusing on a policy of free ice-cream for all. May decided on that basis that now was the time to move left. It is jaw dropping. Corbyn moving his party far to the left is the reason they are in the doldrums, why on Earth would the Tories swing left as a reaction?

In aggregate, I think you’re right. Chances are the Tories win this, but goddamn they make nothing easy.

They really aren’t helping themselves with these promises. Add to that May is being ridiculed for not doing debates and saying some stupid things like fox hunting, they aren’t helping themselves at all.


Absolutely. This is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Polls have narrowed to 43 CON 38 LAB. HOW. ARE. THEY. THIS. BAD. AT. THIS.

Well, comrades, it has been swell, but I guess we’ll be joining the glorious revolution soon. I have attached a video of our glorious future Chancellor of the Exchequer so you can bask in our glory.