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UK Doc Tests for Low Testosterone



So I went to my doctor wondering if my hormone imbalance is responsible for my wussbag feelings (lack of motivation, ambition, competition, exercise, apathy etc etc.

He said "I will just feel your testicle size" arghhhhhhh

Anyway, he said "they're ok"

I have read all about estradiol, estrogen, testosterone, androgens and the receptors etc, but I am curious......
Just how good a test if the manual holding of my testicles to ascertain my hormone levels?

After all, the adrenals and the testicles may produce testosterone, but I am obese at about 38 BMI 20 stones of fatness and I really do wonder if the test/estradiol/estrogen battle is really going quite hard on my system as I have been obese all my life.

I also suspect ad/hd but some of these symptoms can be caused by ad/hd and depression and hypothyroid and hormones, to name a few...............

Suggestions PLEASE before I run out of energy to be able to kick a gear. PS sometimes I feel like I need a better battery for my "car" (BRain/body) to give me the starting kick I need......to do things....
(does that make sense?)

Any reputable articles/sites would be good for me to have a read of as well so I can get a "grip" o.O on my situation..


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I think you just got sexually abused by your Doc man! Time to get lawyered up and take him to the cleaners.



ROFL. er..ok then..

So, I literally got owned by my doctor? hahahh, damn.


you got raped............



Funniest thing Ive seen today.


Laugh it up guys! Meanwhile, my testicles are now suffering from Post Touching Stress Disorder!!

Lucky I can take it like the wussbag that I am. :slight_smile:

I will bounce back, although I can't say the same about the er, other parts.



Doctors in the UK are really shitty when it comes to male hormone issues.
Ive heard good things about the well man clinic but its pretty expensive


You reminded me of a porn I watched yesterday. The scenario is quite similar. The girl goes in and is like 'doc I'm not feeling very well. Can you do some tests?'. The doc then asks her to remove her top and starts touching her boobs. Ironically he also says 'Your breasts are fine'. Of course he gets to fuck her.

Moral of the story: It is likely that your doc would have raped you if he happened to be in the mood. Find another doc.


Thanks to those of you who replied with useful/partially useful answers.

The others..........

Now you are taking the piss truly.

I did not realise this site was used for ridiculing people who have problems that they ask for advice about.

In fact I thought it was pretty damn good as a site, particularly the articles about hormones in general and many other things. I suppose it's just always a percentage.

I do still have a sense of humour, but the rape joke was almost okay and taken in a light hearted way, but again and again is not right.

Joking about rape in such a way is just truly a sign of a dysfunctional mind. Enjoy your muscles, but maybe try to train the ones in between your head sometimes.
Just because you are muscly, strong men, feeling good, does not mean you should take the piss.

No, I did not get raped and have not been.

I am not fuming, raging or anything like that, but I am disappointed with a couple of people that I currently perceive to be unhelpful and unworthy.

Thanks, basically for nothing.


Dude calm down we where just joking. It's clear your doc isn't a good one. You got your answer 'find another doctor'. Again sorry if you felt ridiculed. Wasn't my intention and am pretty sure it wasn't the intention of others either.



Yes, you are experiencing a severe case of 'wussiness' - absolutely pathetic.

I honestly regret opening this thread, your post literally made me blush. Your pathetic opposition to harmless banter is embarrassing. I am telling you now - your estrogen is far too dominant, no flame.

Maybe if you get it sorted you too can become 'a muscled, strong man feeling good' too.. my word.

You should be aware - i think rape is a disgusting form of violence, but i do not see wrong in friendly banter concerning only those involved with the JOKE.

You are a prime example of the type of man i can not abide.


Come on guys, where are the emotes? Joke = :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling: oh, blah blah whatever etc.

I suppose I set myself up for it all just by posting?

My doctor is pretty good though, I have seen him almost every month for 10 or so as we are "meant to be" getting to the bottom of this. He is not an arrogant man, he is a modern doctor...

Peace, I suppose.



You will probably have a problem with abiding me even more when I tell you that you are correct in that I have no flame.
That's why I am here, trying to get advice from one of the most well known websites with a massive community.

I still could have ranted blah blah swore flamed away, made pointless threats on here, but I did not want to do that because it's even more pathetic and I am not one of those who makes empty threats. In fact. you won't be surprised if I tell you that I just don't make threats, for obvious reasons.

I tried to make a point without getting really, pointlessly angry as it's not constructive.

Apathy is my game and when I wrote on here, hoping for some advice, you see the results that I got. Some good, some bad and as I realise now, maybe I opened myself up for that by thinking that I would get some serious advice without the putdowns.

Maybe you fail to realise that it's not so easy for some people to achieve what you and others have done.

Some people just lose or fail to have the spark of drive and I am actually trying to resolve that with my doctor, whom I believe is not some dodgy character.

So, there is no need to dislike me for having a problem that I tried to address. Well, that's what I think anyway.

As I finish writing this I note that when I come on here I probably need to adjust my attitude slightly to allow for more Testosterone floating around, so to speak. Obviously, the banter is probably best suited to those of similar natures, ie dedication to intelligent and relentless pursuit of muscle and more.


That's the problem - not only have you taken the banter FAR too seriously, you have taken it personally too - who the hell was taking the piss out of you?!

You asked if a doctor should be cupping your balls to assess test'rone output (still makes me chuckle!) suggesting that you already doubted the legitimacy of this draconian method, and when this (all joking aside) was confirmed to be the case - you have responded by sticking up for the doctor and his methods!? That makes no sense!

You have lost touch with reality. Who is threatening you? Who started being a dick? Who can't take a joke that is clearly very light hearted - especially when the question in your thread has been answered fully ('Was my doc wrong?' 'Yes.'), who is talking about getting angry or why should you be getting angry?

You clearly have psychological issues. Pathetic.

Yes - it was a mistake to post if you simply are incapable of banter and being jovial to what really is a ridiculous thread topic.

I won't be opening the thread again - so good luck with your endeavours.. and since it has taken 10 months for him to only just cup your balls; you might want to get a 'second opinion'.


Dude then just talk your 'modern' doc straight. Tell him 'I want blood tests to be carried out' but quite frankly I wouldn't trust the interpretation of the blood results from that doctor after his 'no good' procedure so to speak. If I was you I'd move my ass and find another doc, but hey, in the end its you that has to decide what to do so.... good luck.



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For the record, I do have psychological problems and yes I have always taken things too personally, it's one of my issues and I know several things that will be resolved in good time. I won't mention them because it just seems as if I am trying to back things up with other unspecified ailments.

I note that Brook has made good, intelligent points and is not the idiot that I thought.

However, I also think that he is a bit intolerant of people with issues. It is a shame that things ended that way. Maybe another time, things will be better.

Bushidobadboy, thank you for your 2 consistently good to neutral posts. My reply is contained amongst the spiel below.

I have not lost touch with reality. I am not irrational, delusional, paranoid, psychotic or any such things that would affect my perception of reality.

I did not say that anyone was threatening me.
I did not see the joke as very light hearted, although now I will accept that the post was presumed silly due to it's subject matter. Fair enough.

I am pathetic for having psychological issues? Yes, usually that's the case with psychological issues.....
That's why they are called psychological issues and there are many.

Whether it be schizo based, paranoia, psychosis, delusions, bipolar, bpd, hpd, ad/hd (3types)kleptomania, dysthymia, apd, social avoidance, ied, anxiety disordered, phobia based, to name a few from the top of my head.

I doubt that any family on the planet gets away without at least a spread of psychological issues, no matter how mild or deeply buried. Everyone knows someone etc.

The doctor has referred me to a psychiatrist on one occasion and psychotherapy as well. I am on anti-deps which don't seem to do anything as I believe stimulants are more appropriate, although I will be attending to what I think may be a strongly estradiol based issue. But it could be the other suspect.
The doctor is matter of fact and did not draw out the magic cupping test. Maybe it was just a placebo test because he did not consider I had the hormone issue.

To be honest the NHS labs in the UK do have a website about all of the tests and they do mention estradiol/testosterone etc, so I will really make sure to gather evidence so I don't use up NHS resources on imaginary issues.
Blood tests are so easy these days, as well... Maybe he is just a palm off merchant...time will tell. Either way, he is not arrogant so that helps a lot. After all, he IS a doctor, no matter about his draconian test.

BTW, I do have the capability to get angry, but it tends to drain me mentally and there is really no need for it, so I do try and take a neutral stance as I don't want a troll sticker on my forehead.

I will update in due course, so that there is some clarity.


Enough of this 'who mocks who' we're here to help man. Relax. Keep us updated we see where you coming from now.



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