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UK Bulk Buy


I'm going to be buying about £100 [$200] worth of Biotest supps [and TC's book :] from T-Nation in around a week, but i was wondering if anyone in the Kent/Medway area wanted to join me and split the shipping and insane import costs.

Anyone interested?


Not me man, i'm in cardiff area, but us UK heads should set up some timetable together so we can all work against these stupid costs. Like a calendar of when we're all planning to order, then do it together. I want to get some HOT-ROX soon.


I won't be placing another order until probably the end of August, but a group buy sounds like a great idea to save on shipping.

We could ship to a certain person or group, and then have them send out the rest via the post or pick up if local.

The amount we'd save on import duties alone would make it worthwhile IMO.

Who's in?


Sounds like three of us so far.
I really would like to order the supps some time in the next few weeks if someones up for it.


I'm up for a mid-late august buy. We'd need to get details and stuff nice and thorough though.

Oh and before posting i saw this disclaimer at the bottom, think this affects stuff? Like at the bottom of the quote

'By using Testosterone, LLC's services, you agree to comply with our policies.

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I don't think that affects us, no.

Unless someone has a better suggestion, we would have to find a reliable person or people to give money to, who would then place the order of all the products and distribute them accordingly.

The costs of shipping and import duties would also be split after the package arrives, and once costs are sorted out the good are delivered - this is where something like Paypal might come in handy.

That's what I got - any other ideas?


Wouldn't the customs tax be a percentage? If so, then ordering in bulk wouldn't help any - am I (hopefully) missing something?


That's the thing, in my experience they seem to charge random amounts, and charged me more for my last order, which was smaller than the previous one.


Ok Rsg, you seem to be on top of it. PM me if you get a plan, i'll be up for an order next month


Fine, but I think it will really pay off if we can get more people on board - any other takers?

I'll be bumping this up every now and then to get some thoughts on this topic.


I live in the London area and have placed an order the other day.

I would be interested in particpating in future purchased though.


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LOL you bugger!


more people join us


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I've had a look around too and here's what I have.

According to this - http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/downloadFile?contentID=HMCE_PROD_009989
- the duty rate on supplements is 12.8%, and the VAT is 17.5%.

So an example would be:

  1. The Duty Rate is 12.8% and VAT is 17.5%.
  2. 100GBP x 12.8% = 12.80GBP. This is A.
  3. 100GBP + 12.80GBP = 112.80GBP x 17.5% = 19.74GBP This is B.
  4. A + B = 32.54GBP

So you "should" be paying around 32.54GBP for an order of 100GBP, as well as being charge by Parcel Force or whoever to clear this charge and so on.

Still doesn't explain to me how I was charged more last time on a larger order, but it might give a good estimate on what we can expect to pay.

So, I think ultimately we will be saving on shipping costs, and maybe some on importing duties depending on what they come up with.

We could always ship via FedEx as they only send the customs charge a few weeks later, and then refuse to pay it afterwards. (I'm kidding; maybe.)


32.54% wow!


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I'm envisioning this thread turning into something like the movie "Blow" with Bushy getting caught with two suitcases full of Metabolic Drive as he's trying to sneak them through customs.


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