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UK Biotest source

A long term gripe I’ve had is that in the US you can get Biotest products at a reasonable price, and have the buy 2 get one free deal.

I use a lot of Biotest product per month, I’ve given some to a few friends and seem to have become their regular ‘source’ for it.

I’ve been mulling this over for a while now, and I’m wondering why nobody in the UK will do the same deal as in the US (if you order from the US you get hammered at customs).

So here goes… What has to happen so that I can become a distributor of the Biotest range? I want to give UK customers the same choice US customers enjoy at the right price. (3xMag10 costs $450 here!!).

I don’t have any professional qualifications, but I do have 5 years experience founding and builing a sucessful business. I have all the knowledge learned from T-Mag on a daily basis. I have seed capital, and most importantly, the T drive to get off my butt and make this thing work.

Good plan m8. I hope you can work it out coz you got ya first sale right here in Norfolk if you do. Good luck

I think someone asked a similiar question in Reader Mail last week or maybe the week before. TC or Chris told the guy who to call or write to at Biotest. So obviously your first step would be to contact Biotest and not ask the readers on the forum. :slight_smile: Just giving you a hard time. Hope it works out for you.

Geez my spelling isn’t up to much today!

Tek, I half expected you to tell me to search the archives. :o) Kidding. I don’t recall seeing anything in reader mail, but I’ll go check in a minute. I would email them directly rather than use the forum if I knew who I was trying to get hold of. Since a lot of the staff wander into the forum quite frequently I thought I’d get a pointer.

I have a suspicion that they only let certain distributors sell certain things. But if you don’t ask…

If you can get this thing off the ground and running, you will be making a shitload off of me. I am in Greece and consistently end up paying customs the equivalent of the amount of the invoice. I have had it with them. Please keep us posted…

Littlej & Legolas,

I’ve now emailed Biotest directly, so maybe we’ll see a positive response. I surely understand your position, and hope we can do something to improve it.

Take care.

i totally know what you’re saying. I am currently living in australia-but going back to the u.k. in 7 weeks.you can only really get Biotest stuff over here in western australia- and have you ever seen the size of this fucking country!!! anyway u.k. about 18months ago i e-mailed Gen nutrition( u.k. distributors for gen stuff, based in bath)they also supplied biotest, i enquired if they would do the buy 2 get 1 free offer, they said if i bought 3 then they would do it??? so i got 4 original md6-the kickass formula!(going off at a tangent- if you took md6 after you had an E the night before it seemed to kick you back up there!!!)
anyway it is apparent that biotest has its own distributor in england, i e-mailed them to see if they did the offer and the bastards never even bothered replying
my word of advice to you is go to a site called www.sports-supplements.co.uk and source which places sell it, from memory cyberflex and the bodyhut definitely sell biotest and for our greek friend they have got a currency converter and they do ship abroad
but if you can get a better deal give me a shout…i’ll work with you- i have got a degree in exercise physiology and dietectics, as well as advanced personal fitness training certificate.

Hi Jules,
When Mag-10 was in pre-order, I tried to order from Biotest US, but they said they couldn’t ship here. Biotest UK seemed to be a century behind and didn’t really seem to know - or care what I was talking about. My memory of this interaction is a feeling of ‘what? oh yeah, yeah mag-10, we’ll probably get it in, no plans yet tho’ so I went to Netrition, who took care of my order and did a good deal (until Customs yanked it…B******S). Cyberflex I’ve always had good relations with, but even they can’t get close to US prices (I’m still waiting for my new Mag-10 order as we speak), and I’m wondering if this is a volume/exclusivity/territory/customs issue, or simply charging what the market will bear (as in the UK we just seem to mutter under our breath rather than getting up and doing something about it). It just pisses me that I vote with my feet and buy abroad, then Customs block you with a huge tax, as if that is the answer rather than letting the UK to stay uncompetitive and be the largards of the online world. It is my belief that profit is a necessary constraint of business, not the reason for it’s existance (which is to serve).

I've never tried E, but I always found Powerdrive to be a great morning after tonic. I like a beer at the weekend, but am looking around for a 'social enhancer', maybe herbal, and preferably legal, that I can try for those cutting cycles, as diet coke or water don't really make me want to lead the party into the night :o) and social escapades are about half of my motivation for reaching my training goals.

If I hear anything back from them I’ll let you know, but there has not been any response to this thread, and no response to the email I sent them so far - though in fairness, they do say it could be up to 1 week for a response depending on the nature of the query.

For you guys who imported mag-10 did it actually get through?

How much did you eventually pay?

I had a quick look for my invoice, but couldn’t find it just now. From memory I think I paid around £67-68 tax on a 3 for 2 from Netrition - around 50% tax on my hard earned, already tax paid income. It’s nice to be left with about 20p in the pound…

Supplies seem short in the UK at the moment, so it might be worth a gamble.