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UK and the New World Order


Just saw a vid for these things called 'itemizers' which is a drug and explosive detector to be installed in night clubs and bars. They swab your hands, phone, wallet, etc. and put it in the machine which is capable of detecting if you have handled illicit material. As of now, the club owners still need to give the thumbs up for police to use it but fuck.

If you fail it, they search you and arrest you if you have something on you or kick you out of the venue if you don't have anything on your person.

This is some serious technology.



How evil and NWOish! You mean if I handle illegal drugs and/or explosives then go to a nightclub there's a chance I might not be allowed in? And if I'm found to be in possession of illegal drugs/explosives after being searched with reasonable cause I'm likely to be arrested and charged? Way evil dude! I'm like 'WTF' and 'lolz' at the same timez! Spin out...


Drugs at nightclubs are a huge problem in the UK and contribute majorly to violence. Almost Everyone you see at A+E on a Saturday/Sunday morning is there as a result of drink/drunks violence on a night out. This is a way of reacting to it; I doubt there's any NWO intention. It's not brilliant but trust me the violence asa result of drugs here is reaching epicdemic levels


Drugs are for losers but there's nothing wrong with drinking and brawling. Haven't you ever experienced the joy of demanding to know what someone else is looking at then nutting and stomping them? Fuck's sake I thought you were a Scotsman! Wee lassie.


Has anybody in the UK had a run in with one of these devices?

I think its an effective and a reasonable solution if drugs are that much of a problem. I've heard very bad things about the alcohol culture in certain parts of the UK that if is true, I would call it a problem.

In the US, I see this as department of homeland security stuff far overreaching its intended purpose. Phone taps, email taps, etc., whose purposes are to catch terrorists being used to catch other criminals. Sooner or later everyone is a suspect regardless of wrong doing or not.


Good points. Didn't mean to sound dismissive BTW. Street drugs are illegal and provide the main source of revenue for many nefarious people including the Taliban and Mexican cartels. We should perhaps allow wasters to fuck themselves up legally. At least they won't be breaking into our houses and stealing old ladies' handbags etc. I personally don't like having sniffer dogs sicked on me and I'm kind of on two sides of the fence. Difficult issue.


Strangely I agree with you

And yes I've done my fair share of drinking with a bottle of Buckie, however picking your friend up who's been glassed and not recognising him and taking him home to his mother is a sobering experience to say the least


These things don't work well.
They use them in prisons, for visitation.

Just imagine you hand someone your ID/debit/credit/money/??? etc. They have shit on their hands, now it is on your property. Now you're in shit for nothing.
I can understand using them in prisons, and if a nightclub owner wishes to have one on their property, then that's their right to do so, but I would be boycotting any club that wishes to be that invasive.


That neurobonkers link is crowd sourcing the task of locating and publishing venues that have these devices using a google maps based app, so that people can avoid them.


I didn't know that, thanks.


My comments about drinking and brawling were in satire. Sounds like your friend bumped into Franco Begbie and got a pint glass in the gub. Fock's sake! You've rrruined ma fock'n suit ya fock'n eejit!