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UK Amature Strong Man Comps


Does anyone know of any?Preferably weight classed as I am only a wee man.
I have only found one and it was in Yorkshire,but there wasnt very much info on it.
Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks


Check out sugdenbarbell.co.uk - lots of comp info on there, and some of the top UK guys post there, plus you can watch Andy Littler doing a continental snatch.


If you’re in the North try RAD power too http://radpower.co.uk/?Home
I’m sure if you contact Mark or ask on their forum you’ll find some strongman events to suit.


Thats cool thanks very much for the replies Im going to check them out right now.


try here


Thanks for posting that, the ukstrongman board is perfect, I was looking to see what sort of weight divisions and strength standards I’d have to deal with if I entered a competition around here. I’ve got at least another year of training before I jump into a novice competition, but I’ve got a more accurate idea of what I need to do now.


There is plenty of posts on that site they just ditch any that dont get posted on for abit. I went to see the northeast qualifier that is posted on the board in the comps section and it was a cracking event. If u post on there plenty of the lads will give you a good idea of strength levels and might be able to help you find some local strongmen to train with. All the best mate keep us posted when you decide to compete