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Gym Weenie: "Hey Bro, are you almost done on the bench."

Me: "2 sets left, but i don't mind if ou want to work in, I could use a spot anyway."

Gym Weenie: "Naw Bro, I'm doing 'arms', I just wanted to get some 'wrist curls' in."

Me: Blank Stare.... Continue workout


Great first post bro! I look forward to more of your cool stories that require their own thread because we don't have a thread dedicated to gym fails here, bro!


yeah. meant to post in SRC. my bad.




I have been known to do behind-the-back wrist curls in the squat rack.

Please trust me that the squat rack in my gym here in Taiwan would gather so much dust were it not for me and another guy who does excellent 315lb front squats.


I mean so you're basically just being a good Samaritan by keeping the bar clean. If not for you, it would get incredibly dirty. Well played sir.


^^ Sorry, I forgot to mention that I of course squat in it too, as well as use it for behind-the-back wrist curls. And then there's the other front squat guy too.


Ha no worries, I was just giving credit where credit is due.