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Uh Oh. Growth Surge Project in Aus

Right here’s the problem. I’ve just moved to Aus and am about to attempt something akin to the growth surge project but I am not able to get Mag-10 here. In fact the only things we can get are Tribex and Grow!!

Apart from eating like a man possessed, sleeping 9h+ a night and taking Tribex and a good multivit does anyone have any suggestions?

I am stumped.

i live in Sydney. i’ve the same problem as you. but no one in this web can help me. may be you should visit the biotest website and ask them for help.

hey, where do you buy your stuff there? i’m going on an extensive holiday in Aus and would like to know where to get good supplements. i’m going to Sydney and Brisbane.

as for your question, sorry, no answer here :slight_smile:

Well I have done Growth Surge, with Mag 10, but will try and give you a hand/suggestions.

Your plan sounds great all in all. Doing short bouts of 2 a days between cycles of lower volume can have a great growth effect Mag 10 or not. I have done several such littel cycles with Tribex and had great results.

I would suggest that you do all you said eat like a horse, sleep like a bear, and train like a mad man. LOL

Aside from that my suggestion would be to start the Tribex a couple weeks prior to the two a days so it is in full effect. Add in M if you can get it there. Depending on your own metabolism and how you respond to Short bouts of MASSIVE EATING. I would say possibly drop the k/cals a bit from what is recomended. You will not be receiving the benefit of the SUPER CHARGED protein turn over from the Mag 10.

Thats about it I guess. Just do waht you can to help aid rewcovery. Eat a lot. Dont short your self on protein or carbs, and get more than enough rest.

Good Luck,
Hope this helps,

Cheers folks,

yeah well I guess I will have to make do with what I can get. I’ll be hitting pwo nutrition hard so this should make some odds.

Shamr0ck, there is a biotest website over here, as I say though it’s only Tribex + Grow but it gets worse…

Low Carb Grow: $44US (908g)and Tribex is $66US (110)!

It ain’t all bad though, the seafood over here is amazing!

try the biotest New Zealand website. they’ve a lot more choice (eg.Mag-10). but you’ll need to find out which one is legal to ship to australia (eg. sydney). if you find out, please let me know. thankyou.