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Ugliest Man in the World


Alright, I know this is a bit of a cruel idea for a thread, but I thought it would be pretty entertaining.
Think about it, what better way to get a good laugh while simultaneously boosting your ego than watching a bunch of ugly guys compete for the title of 'World's Ugliest Man'!

Ok, so here's the plan to whoever wants to participate: go search the internet for a person you think is mind-bendingly ugly, then come back here and post the picture. The only rules I think we should have is 1) No doctored photos and 2) Include the person's name, we don't want some random guy winning the title, deal?

(Oh yeah, and try and stay off the 'T-man eye candy' thread.)

So here's my candidate: Tie Domi.

Happy hunting!


Insert my picture here.


Being a Red Sox fan I have to watch this guy pitch against us more than once a year. Not pleasent. He looks worse with his hat and glasses off too, but you get the idea. Gustavo Chacin, pitcher for the Blue Jays


Ok, I thought of another rule, since I also just thought of someone who would win this contest hands down, hence ending the fun prematurely.

Rule 3: No faces horribly disfigured by plastic surgery. Only pure, wholesome, all-natural ugliness.

You know who I was thinking of...

(nice one Pride)


Popeye Jones, former NBA player. This guy is the captain of the ALL-UGLY TEAM.


Nikolay Valuev: heavyweight boxer who is a 7 foot Russian monster. Very ugly!


Behold...Janet Reno


hahhahahhahhahahhahhaha...nice one man


this thread is now over


One of these guys.


Good old Napoleon.




hopefully this works, everytime I look at this picture, I laugh!


Mike Ricci


Uglier than Domi


This guy was on a site detailing pictures of sex offenders. I don't remember his name though.


Fucking brilliant. Unless you can top that...


Damn, I guess I should read to the bottom of the thread before responding.


That's going to keep me up tonight.


ProX give us your medical opinion of the messed up sex offender guy. WTF is wrong w/ him besides being a sex offender of course?


I wouldn't have a clue. His eyes look like Grave's disease, however, he could just be deformed. You really can't diagnose something like that just on appearance.