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Ugliest / Best Looking College

Whats the ugliest college campus out there? Whats the best looking campus?

My pics
2.University of Alabama Birmingham
3.Arkansas State

1.University of Alabama(Tuscaloosa)
2.University of Missouri
3.Indiana University


Even though I love Colorado State, I would have to say it is on the ugly side, architecturally. Every building has a different theme, and the architects were heavily influenced by trends in building at the time they went up. In other words, you can really tell the buildings that were built in the 70's and 80's.

The surrounding area is absolutely beautiful, with the lovely rocky mountains in view from most of campus.



Agree. I actually interviewed there for Grad school. Buildings were straight out of the late 60's.


You seen some of the buildings at Umass Amherst? One looks like a goddamn air conditioner.


For most beautiful, I'm gonna have to go with the academies. Each has its own feel that perfectly matches the school. Westpoint is stark and severe, Annapolis is right on the water with a great view, and the Air Force Academy is right in the middle of the mountains. All of them beautiful. Also UNC - Chapel Hill is really nice


Wayne State University in Detroit. Trust me.


Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful. Hey...I don't like them either. But I have to say they know how to present their campus.

But of course I havent been to too many campuses....


You want a good school with a mix of new and old buidings look at Penn State. The new IST and Science building are amazing.


obviously a very subjective topic.

since i feel nice today, i won't name any uglies

the University of California is beatiful ... various architectures, landscaping, huge pine trees with palm trees in the foreground ... then add the san francisco cityscape, alcatraz, and the golden gate bridge in the back ground ... how are you going to beat that?



UVA and UNC Chapel Hill are the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen. IUP easily ranks as the ugliest. Looks like a collection of run down project housing and unkempt lawns.


Iowa State has a good looking, and old campus.

OF course, I'm a little biased...


I travel to universities and colleges all throughout the country for work and by far UVA is the most beautiful campus Ive been to yet- followed closely by UNC-Chapel Hill. On the other end of the spectrum youve got University of Indiana Pennsylvania and UNC-Charlotte and West Virginia


How bout ugliest and best looking girls?

1. Carnegie Mellon
2. MIT
3. Georgia Tech

1. University of Arizona
2. Arizona State
3. Duquesne

1. U of M
2. Penn State
3. Emory


Good Looking girls dont go to university -- ya know the rule about brains and looks right?


Best: Centre College.


Funny, that's what I thought he meant originally.

I heard somewhere that Hofstra University has produced 4 or 5 Playboy Playmates. That may have been just marketing jive, but I'd believe it.


hehe. maybe in Canada. j/k. Even assuming that was 100% true, in the U.S., you don't have to have brains to get in a lot of these schools. lol


Best looking girls? Please! I went to Florida State. 2 words; Holy Shit! Hot(& skanky) beach whores. Think about it. FSU is the cheapest university in Florida. So we get all of the dumb beach-club bunnies from Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.

I hear Arizona State is very similar.


Me too when I when I first went to open the thread. Hofstra? Hmm...not sure. Never been. Playboy did rate the schools based on girls awhile ago though.


Dude-don't know how I forgot about FSU. Had an extremely fun couple days there over spring break sophomore year. Yeah-Arizona's the same. Maybe even better. But FSU definitely has hot chicks of questionable morals. hehe. It's also just a blast.