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UGL Product Sterility/Handling

Without mentioning any specific UGL, was wondering what the consensus on leading UGLs and their injectables sterility? Though the products may not be pharma grade, does one assume that the conditions and materials of preparation are generally safe and hygienic? Setting aside any obvious contaminations or breached vials, if there any other determining factors?

Thanks gents.

I’ve been using UGL stuff for going on 5 years and never once had an infection or other issue with sterility. Not saying it couldnt happen but I havent had any problems yet.

Never had an issue before. Practicing sterility isn’t as difficult as it may sound. It might not be the same standards pharmaceutical companies use with million dollars labs but the end result is the same if done right

Depends on the lab. The major ones are run in countries that do not care about their particular type of businesses, so the labs are sort of free to be run as you would a pharma operation. The smaller ones, particularly domestic, are really hit and miss. It’s hard to operate a full scale pharma style lab without being noticed in the US.