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Ughhh Dropped Entire Jar of Metabolic Drive


Brand new too.

The scoop was alllll the way at the bottom of the bottle and as I was trying to get it out I dropped the bottle and like 90% of it spilled all over my dog hair infested floor :frowning:

No real point in this thread, just felt like whinning :frowning:


I love these pointless threads that people start about themselves and how they did something stupid.


I love pointless responses to pointless threads.


If Biotest had half a brain, they would see the potential opportunity here and sell the big 5# tubs that everyone was b!tching about in the past. That way, when some bumbling idiot dumps one on his dog hair infested floor, he is out $50 rather than just $20, and Biotest wins.

This, btw, is an opportune time to scoop it back in the container, dog hair and all, and then send it back saying you want your money back. Make sure you attn: it to TC. Tell them you think the Atomic Dog might have something to do with it.


Be positive. It isn't dog hair, it's fibre.

Anyway, I real man would strain it through his teeth.


What about pointless responses to pointless responses to pointless threads?


No actually if they were smart they'd make sure every scoop was at the bottom and lube up the exterior of the container in hopes of more drops and reorders LOL

Id scoop it up. I know Ive eaten worse.


Here's an idea - keep the scoop from the previous tub, therefore not needing to dig down to get the new scoop.

Geez I am surprised you managed to get the lid off


One day I made a protein shake put it on the ground to sit on my bed and promptly spilled 95% of it onto my hardwood floor. I got down on my hands and knees and sucked it off the ground.

I was in a weird mental state at the time. It was the third thing I had spilled that day and it was just before footy training. Later that night at footy training I fractured my thumb.

That was a shitty day.

Incidentally, hardwood floor is not as clean as you would initially think.


Christ, I'm sorry I wasted all of your precious time with reading my 3 sentences.

How is someone retarded for trying to stick their hand into a 3 inch opening, digging through an entire container of powder for a scoop and accidently dropping it on the floor?

Uh oh! I mush be sho shutpid dat i cant even twist thee cap off :open_mouth: stuppid moron i am duhhh


that's why you keep the little plastic scoopers.

Don't feel like digging through your protein for your scooper? Use an old one til the new one surfaces.




If Biotest was smart they would start selling protein again.

A good EFA supplement would be great too!


Yea, everytime you go to a fast food restaurant, you're eating something from off the floor.


Why would you throw the old one out when you get the new one? Is the old one broken or something? Goes stale?

This thread started off stupid and got weird.


I got an old tub that I keep all my old scoopers in just for this reason....

To answer your question, yes I am brilliant