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Ugh... Moving to Reno


Well because of my significant others job I might be moving to Reno for six months. Anyone else live there? Does it suck as much as I think it does? I live in Sacramento right now, and have been to Reno a couple of times. Every time I go there I feel sorry for anyone that lives there... kind of ironic.


i used to date a girl that moved out there.

yup, it sucks. lol sorry dude.

although i think the bunny ranch is nearby if you've got that kind of disposable income.


Just canceled Reno 911 so there really is not reason to live there anymore.


Well Sacramento is pretty boring to begin with and Reno isn't any better.

HM, ya there is a Bunny Ranch near Reno. One time I was in Reno for the weekend, a cab driver wanted to take me and my buddies to Bunny Ranch instead of our original destination, Wild Orchid, a strip club. He was like "why touch when you could fuck"... lol.

Where in Sac do you live?


I actually live in Rocklin. I like it, but then again I'm not a huge party animal that likes living in a big city. To be honest I just think Reno is an ugly fuckin city that exists for the casinos. I don't really gamble much except for an occasional poker tournament.

And ya, I think I might pass on the Bunny Ranch, as appealing as it might be. That is, unless HolyMac wants to fly up, split the cost, and hit up some hot MMF action.



don't joke about shit you wouldn't go through on


coughlunk alarm*cough*


What they canceled it?



They have hilarious sheriffs department if nothing else :wink:


I've only visited but I've met some great people in '02 and still keep in touch. I love the Reno Air Racing show in September, was out there in 02 and 04.
It's a nice ride out to Lake Tahoe, so beautiful.


I grew up in Reno. There is more to the city than the strip. You have Tahoe 45 min away. Dance Clubs for party. Outdoors are always close for fishing, hunting ect.. Ski resorts 20 min away. 4 different lakes less than an hour away. No state tax and cost of living is less than Sac. Stay away from down town and you will like it alot more.

Down town is dirty. The rest of the city is not that bad. I live approx 90 miles but if you want a good gym with kettle bells, monolift and strong man equip with alot of good people, go to American Iron Gym off of Rock Blvd. There are also body builder there too. Its a hard core gym. Chad Aiches works out there