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Since about 99% of all UFO sighting's come from the states who has had any sightings or dealing's with UFO'S?

No jokes about anal probes please.

Also why is it that only America has all these sighting's?
Whats wrong with Asia and Europe?


Actually if you followed UFO's at all, the majority of the activity is in Mexico, and a lot of the sightings/crop circles etc. around the world tend to point back to Mexico, more specifically the Mayans and their calender


Actually, there's a whole lot of documented UFO sightings all over the world.


Of course there are. Im just saying that alot seem to point towards the mayan calender.


Aliens don't like to mow their yards either?


Aren't mexicans always on crack?



Which is just further affirmation that 2012 will be the end of us all.


area 51.
that is all.


is that according to mayan or aztec calender?


I've seen a UFO in Mexico
It's pretty creepy


I don't know, I've never seen the Aztec calendar. I'm guessing they both lead up to a vague date in 2012, much like other religions/sects/ancient foresights. There's just too much shit throughout time pointing to that date for something crazy NOT to go down.


Unidentified flying apostrophe?

If 50% of Americans believe God created humans within the last 10000 years then I'm not terribly suprised if a significant portion thought they met Zaphod Beeblebrox last night.

As for reasons, compared to Europe: more air traffic, stronger tradition of scifi, stronger religious beliefs, more influential entertainment industry. Add them together and you get Scientology. Yay.


its just curious to me how the Mayans were wise enough to predict the end of mankind but could not foresee/prepare for the coming of the Spanish. you can say they predicted Qutzecotal but theres a big difference between predicting some giant bird-snake-god and an Armada of gold hungry europeans. so if we are to take anything from the Mayans serious it should be that they suck at predicting things, if they think 2012 is the end of the world its more likely going to be something good.

also, how can these people predict the future but cant grasp written word to explain in detail more accurately what theyre talking about? to me, its kind of proposturous to believe that apocalypse b.s..


Doesn't their calendar just reset in 2012? Doesn't seem like that big a deal to me. I'm more concerned about the Large Hadron Collider and that sumbitch is supposed to start up again in 2010.


They actually did see it coming. They foresaw white skinned bearded God men arriving as a signal of their end. It's a fact.

They also had records of celestial bodies that our most advanced astronomical instruments found and confirmed a decade ago.

All interesting stuff.


They actually did see it coming. They foresaw white skinned bearded God men arriving as a signal of their end. It's a fact.

Also more specifically they foresaw White Bearded God men that were half human half animal on 4 legs. So when they saw white men on horseback, they thought it was a God. They couldnt recognize till later it was a person on horseback. All true stuff.

They also had records of celestial bodies that our most advanced astronomical instruments found and confirmed a decade ago.

All interesting stuff.

Also the end does not mean the end of the world. It could be the end of the world as we know it. A new age so to speak.


Some of the coyote/predator hunting I do is at night. We use calls to bring them in while hiding in the dark and then hit em with red lens covered lights. We are way the hell out in the boonies when we do this and I have seem some strange stuff in the skies. Dancing stars that seem to move quite a bit other weird lights. Don't know if their just illusions or something else. Creepy.



i dont have enough historical or astronomical knowledge to disprove all of what you say, but i always heard that they thought their bird-god quetzecotal was coming and it didnt have anything to do with man-beasts.

maybe aliens came down and gave them maps of the galaxy, idk. but it seems kind of farfetched, doesnt it? i swear, people have been saying the world was going to end since it began but it hasnt. i think people just like to get themselves worked up more than anything and to be so concrete of something so monumental with no evidence other than things that happened what, 500 years ago which werent logged that great either, saying that what they REALLY meant was the prediction of Cortez and all this other stuff, you have to do some reaching. either until theres a lot better evidence or it actually happens i dont see the use in buying into it.


I've heard of the Quezecotal theory, but I don't really believe much in Gods, unless it's directly referencing the sun, which sure, makes sense. The big problem is that there have been so many attachments to what the Mayans supposedly did and didn't predict, it's difficult to get the correct information anymore.

From all the information, I can definitely surmise that it's either a global catastrophe or a new age of enlightenment ahead. I'm personally hoping for the latter, but we'll see!

By the way, I will feel like the biggest douche in the world if everything goes off without a hitch.


Cant believe people actually think 2012 is the end for us all..

Yea they are Aliens, but I'm not really sure if any of those UFO's people describe were actually Aliens.

The Universe is too big to say there isnt life on another planet, its just stupid to say. But Intelligent life on another planet? I dont think there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe.