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UFOs Real, Govt Admits It

Fox Maulder & that weird guy from ancient aliens was right. They do exist. Govt now admits it.
Not fake news.

Jesus Christ… all of human history and it had to be now?

Way to make a good first impression Mankind…


I’m not saying your thread title is misleading but it does seem that it could be that some folks would consider it less than 100% reflective of your link:

“Elizondo said Monday that he could not speak on behalf of the government”

Demons portraying themselves as aliens, old news.


Theyve been here for centuries. We are just a zoo for them. Entertainment

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Hopefully intelligent life exists on another planet because most of the time I’m not sure it exists on this one.

Sure, if by “government admits it” you mean “some guy who used to work for them implies it” then yeah OK.

Hold still.



Someone get Zep in here. It’s finally his time to shine


Govt trolls trying to keep us in the dark with miss information, and tactics to downplay credible witnesses as nuts. I’ve seen all seasons of X files these tactics won’t work on me Mr. Anynomos Govt agent…The Truth is out there


Stay woke man. Stay fuckin woke!


As a person who lived in Roswell (NMI for school) and grew up between Roswell and White Sands Missile Range, I have seen PLENTY of completely bizarre things flying around, including a giant tic-tac that booked across the sky with a boom and then silence.

I’ve also heard a fair number of things that could not be seen flying above me in a completely flat and open field.

Given the nature of the testing at White Sands (the “other” Area 51), I don’t doubt there are plenty of human tech out there that we don’t have a clue about.

Alien? Who knows? I tend toward the human explanation. On the other hand, we do have a strange cigar-shaped visitor from outside the solar system with an organic outside booking by:


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An actual alien was seen in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. And Im not talkin about the landscapers at Bellagio

Upon reflection, without UFOs, how else will the aliens get here?

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