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UFOs: Do We Care Anymore?

When things scooting across the sky weren’t a thing, and we actually gave two shits about being spied on - UFOs were a big deal.

They made the news, UFO shows in prime time would regularly cycle in and out of favour and conspiracy loons would get some people listening to what they had to say.

Now this:

And not 2 fucks were given. I’m not sure if the COVID thing is even a factor.

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We have the freakin Tiger King! :joy: :joy: :joy:

What can aliens do to top that? Hyperspace travel?

Infinite energy?


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I think part of the reason is the dates. It was filmed in 2004? I remember when it the was circulating around years ago, and it seemed much more fascinating the first time. So, yesterday when I saw this article I just thought, meh, I have already seen this. Nothing new here.

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I turned into a Martian.

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I doubt it

There probably were spaceships flying all over the place, but most of the people telling stories about them were probably lying
Laughing at them gets old and taking them seriously does to, I would think

The conspiracy loons have internet now, so we now know that TV shows about UFOs were just “controlled opposition”

It’s just some thing…it isn’t an alien spaceship.

No, it is not aliens. It’s never aliens. And I’m not going to try to reason with conspiracy theorists this time, it hasn’t worked out for me even once. Believe me, I’ve tried…

Few months ago I got banned from steroid.com for trying to reason with a creationist. Turned out the admin is religious too so I got punished for making sense. The ban was lifted since then but I don’t feel like participating in a community in which not only the top members but even administration are delusional.

On another occasion, in a restaurant, I decided to try to teach a group of muslims the basics of the theory of evolution by natural selection disproving their magic book along the way. I had only good intention, I wanted to educate, and they ganged up on me. Ungrateful cunts.

All I will say is this: aliens don’t visit us. For obvious reasons. The Earth is not flat. God doesn’t exist. And all that has been proven logically, mathematically, evidently countless times. Yet the conspiracy theorists remain.

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Wait, what are the latest one? 5G does not cause COVID-19. This pandemic is not a biowarfare attack neigher it is some lab biological experiment that has gone terribly wrong… The moon landing was not faked. 9/11 is not an inside job.

Oh man, soon enough we’re going to have some of the population de-evolbve back to reptilian brain…

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I’m aware that this is an American website and majority of the population of the greatest empire in the World claims to still believe into some ancient fairy tale which is weird. So I expect to get banned from here too any moment now.

Which is kind of ok. More time to read books, pump iron and force feed myself.

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Now we’re finally getting somewhere.

I don’t think you’ll get banned for anything you’ve written here. All kinds of wacky ideas get floated on these forums, I don’t see why a little flat earth theory can’t exist with the idea that compound movements are inherently dangerous. All kinds of ideas can fly here.

Keep spreading your gospel.

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Hard to believe they weren’t more appreciative of your efforts.


magic book damnit aha, pretension

Actually, it hasn’t. IMO it is pretty hard position to defend.

A much easier position to defend is that the burden of proof to believe in a god has not been met, and then taking null position of not believing in things until they are proven to be true.

it is even useless to talk with u,it is already waste of time, when i read this shit, just training and talk about gym it is better dude

I am not sure why that is showing up as my quote? I disagree with the statement that is being shown as my quote in error.

Prove it

Dude stop it


What am I supposed to prove? I have made no claims. I have said that wavefunction does not take a strong position. I also have a quote that is showing up as not mine.

First you prove there’s no God, then you want to kill puppies. The quotes don’t lie my friend.


that wasn’t for u men but for Wave just a error quotes

prove it, what do u want that i prove,it is not my job, iam not a muslim or anythings else, just it is more complicated that u can imagine, even u don’t know what mean exoteric or esoteric if u start to talk about what u don’t even know it is useless it is like to talk with a kids, u have different level of mind, it is a useless discusion with a lot of people because to have wrong or right will depend only about how u talk write ect but in the fact, that it is useless whatever u believe really, just a laught with so many conclusion who resonate empty