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UFO'S, belive or not believe??

hey T-GANG i’ve been on here for a while reading past and recent post’s. havn’t realy been participating in any treads. so when i was reading diffent threads one thing i’ve noticed is that i havn’t seen anything on UFO’S and i was wondering what people thought about the subject. i personaly think that we can’t possibly be the only planet with life forms. i mean come on, look how big the universe is.
yeah i know i can’t spell worth a shit.
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Lets not turn this into a hey theres no way we can be alone conversation. I think theoretically if we cant be alone then theorectically we can be alone. Have any of you seen something that would make you think we are not alone?

Goldberg, that’s too easy.

And we are the only solar system, since I believe that the ‘sol’ part is the specific name for our star, and not a generic term for all stars. Just being anal.

hey jared that is too damn funny!


 Are there other life forms in other planes somewhere in one of the billions of solar systems in one of the trillions of trillions of galaxies in this universe? Yes. You dont need facts when you have logic on your side and the law of probability on your side.

 That's a much much different issue from 'Have we been visited by UFOs'.

 MY answer is no. All the UFO crazies.

I agree with you… it is improbable that we are alone in the entirity of the universe. Moreso improbable that we have been visited.

I don’t know about UFO’s, I’m almost sure there has to be other life forms on other planets, there are too many planets for none of them to be sustaining life. It might be intelligent life, it might be some strange kind of bacterium, it could be anything. It probably doesn’t even remotely resemble anything here, just because of evolution. If it’s a planet with a predominantly methane atmosphere, and life started on it, then if anything can respirate with methane, they’ll be the thriving species. I really doubt if we’ve been visited by UFO’s, although I guess that anything is possible. When we reach the outer planets, if there’s life there, do you think they’d consider our unmanned probes UFO’s? If so, then what makes it so unlikely that any other life form wouldn’t send probes here? That’s how I always look at it.

  Mikey boy, what outer planets? Those in the outskirts of our solar system - Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn? Trust me on this one, there ain't livin shit over there. In the extremely unlikely case there were some form of bacteria over there, I highly doubt they'd have the presence of mind to realize they're being probed - heck, they wouldnt een have a mind.

   However, if we had the capability to travel at just 10% the speed of light we could reach the nearest solar system in 40 years, which has 2 suns (or is it 3), and has a seriesof planets, except the nearest ones near the main sun are hyooge like jupiter. Who knows, we might be probing them in the ass, lol.

   While I dont believe we'll ever hear of any ETs in this lifetime or the next, the SETI is scanning the skies for any communication attempts from far away life forms - in a particular frequency that is the only one that travels without interference through the space forever, I think. In fact, if you go to the SETI site, they have a litle something you can download to help the search for these contacts. It'll allow your comptuer to analize the data from the gathered from radio telescopes. This data is so enormous, itll take centuries or millenia for their computers to do all the work. So they're asking anybody with a computer to download the program which will download the data from Berkeley University (I THINK), analyze it, and send the results back the next time you log on. Just thought you ET frekes might be interested lol.