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UFO Coverup on Last Shuttle Mission?


Pretty cool video.

I wish NASA was honest : (

I’m going to go right ahead and say there was absolutely no alien spaceship involved even though I didn’t even click on the link yet.

Here’s a quote from the link:

[i][b]As the image plays out, it seems the narrator and other commenters are trying very hard to persuade anyone watching that what they are seeing are random reflections of light off a piece of tin foil. Really?

Why go to such lengths to dismiss the image as something, anything, other than a UFO? It seems the controllers jumped right into an explanation before any rumors got started. That’s suspicious enough on its own.

But the explanation given (unasked for, by the way) is pretty lame. It asks anyone watching to distrust their own eyes.[/i][/b]

I really don’t want to type out a long rebuttal of how illogical this quote was.

Can’t wait to work at NASA … if that’s what I decide to pursue