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UFC242: Lightweight Showcase?

Anyone looking forward to the fights Saturday? Curious to see Nurmagomedov back in action against a tough challenger in Dustin Porier. But very interested to see how Davi Ramos’ jiu-jitsu based game looks against Nurmagomedov teammate Islam Makhachev and his sambo-based game.

Edson v. Felders should also be a fun striking contest. A lot of good lightweight action in store.

Truth told, the highlight for me tomorrow will be watching my teammates compete at Fight2Win Seattle Saturday evening (http://www.f2wbjj.com/f2w-124-september-7th/). But UFC 242 will be a nice appetizer (it’s in Abu Dhabi, so the early prelims begin at 7:15am Pacific!)

F2W is such a great promotion. I see a lot of my extended MABJJ family’s names on the card. Can’t wait for it to come back to New England.

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Truly. Fight2Win has become a day long combat sport hall pass for me. I’ll probably be up until 2am watching DVRd Bellator (Bader v. Kongo) after I get home from F2W!