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UFC232: Them Bones

The sick thing is that I’m actually contemplating buying this PPV …

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I was wondering why the embedded videos are broken links, they are probably reeling from the sudden changeover. There must have been a hell of a cancellation penalty to T-Mobile arena and people who are not suddenly shifting their vacation plans who feel burnt, even if they get a refund.

I suppose if we can give some slack to Junior Dos Santos and Nog, then we should be appreciative that Jones isn’t really messing around this time as far as substance use. The anticipation of a hugely landmark fight must be justifying it to the UFC.

If the first fight is any indication of what we might see in the rematch it is definitely worth purchasing. Potentially fight of the year. Although I see Gus winning this time around. Personally thought he won the first one as well.

Bought tickets Wednesday morning, so excited to be going to this!

So did I. Jones looked off in that fight though. He brought it Saturday night. I don’t think anyone has answers for his skill set when he’s at 100% (or 100+10^-12% if you want to go the cynical “he’s still a cheater” route).

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I rewatched the first fight a few weeks before the rematch. I gave it to Jones, but close.

Seeing his improvement in his second fight with Cormier, I wasn’t too surprised that he did better against Gustafson the second time around. His kicks are what really stand out to me. (I have PTSD from sparring with taller, long-legged fighters with great straight kicks - front and side kicks).

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It’s not cynical when his being a cheater is a fact.

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Does Jones have permanent advantage after using steriods?

I seem to remember way back when Ronda Rousey didn’t want to fight Christiane Justino because of it. Cyborg said let’s fight at 145lb and Ronda wanted a catchweight at 140lb. If Cyborg couldn’t lose the muscle, go figure.

Was the groin injury an inside adductor hit? It makes me think of Zingano taking that early toe to the eye, and that was it.

His permanent advantage is from being able to test positive and still fight. I’ve never cared for the regulations regarding PEDS but the UFC and all the commissions have implemented a very specific rule set. But for some reason Jones gets to jab his ass full of PEDs with impunity.

I feel for Gus. But whatever. I am excited to watch the freak show continue and see what other prey they will feed to Jon Jones.

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The guy tested pos day of weigh in. Does this m3 metabolite really stay in the system that long? I was looking and thc keeps
Popping up.

It’s just shows how unethical Dana white is. He knows he will loose tens of millions if bones jones is banned.

Mcgregir however has been a bad ass and I don’t recall him ever having vada issues.