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UFC vs. Pride


I'm a new fan of ultimate fighting. I been watching it whenever available for the past 6 months; Even get all the pay-per views.

Is Pride a step above UFC? I saw a bout where Chuck Lidell, the regining bad ass of UFC, get his ass kicked in a Pride fight. Also, the Gracie's don't seem to fare to well in Pride fights.

How do you think Rich Franklin and Matt (his last name is slipping my mind) would do in a Pride fight?


My own opinion, I believe Pride is a step up from UFC. Pride is a much larger organization and attracts fighters from around the world. UFC is mainly composed of guys from North America. Some UFC guys do compete in Pride and still do well... others not so well. Rich is actually really good so I believe that he would do well in Pride. Matt (Hughes?) if that is who you mean; I think might appear to be more of an average fighter in Pride.


Pride is like the major leagues and UFC is like the minors.

Now the UFC has some real gems (Rich, Hughes, GSP, etc). But overall the disparity in talent is HUGE. Each and everyone of Prides division are loaded with top fighters.

One knock against Pride from observers though has been the amount of freak show fights they book. I personally love em. And their Judoka fights are a thing of art(something ufc lacks).

UFC fighters make only a small percentage of what Pride fighters make. So the best fighters just chose to go to Pride when they get a chance. UFC is basically in a rebuild mode where they are bringing in cheap($$$ wise not necessarily talent wise) fighters on short contracts. Pride though keeps pitting the worlds best against each other every show, and every year have a tournament or GP where the best from Shooto, UFC, and others compete as well.

Try to get your hands on their last Bushido event, it was maybe the best MMA event of all time. Also look for their MW GP which ended with Shogun winning the whole thing, and also featured the long awaited Fedor vs Crocop fight.


About Rich and Matt:

Rich would be a top 3 fighter in Pride as well. Dan Hollywood Henderson will continue to own that division. But Rich will fair very well if he made a move to Pride.

Matt Hughes is very dominant and Pride doesnt have anyone in that division.

Gomi has already indicated he is going to move up in weight. And if Hughes ever moved to Pride they will end up having to fight each other. Of course Gomi will knock him the F out, unless Matt lays and prays his way to win.

Also BJ Penn who beat Hughes in UFC and then walked out on the company has indicated various times he might come over to Pride. He has also beaten Gomi so a three way rivalry between these figthers could keep fans interested for years.


This would never happen in PrideFC. Pride refs are very agressive when it comes to standing the fight up if nothing is happening on the ground. Also, because of the different scoring rules it is almost impossible to win by LNP in Pride.



One question.

In looking at the current crop of MMA out there, what do you think the career life expectancy is for most of these guys? Majority of fighters in the UFC seem to be in their mid to late 20's with the oldest being Couture and Lidell, I think.

With constant pressure coming from new guys coming in wantng to make a name, and the general ravages of fighting and traing, whats the top end, age-wise a guy could fight to, barring serious injury. I'm thinking mid 40's, no more, like most sports.


I think there's more money for the fighters in PRIDE. If that's the case then naturally the fighters would be a bit better. It seems that this style of fighting is very much welcome in Japan. Not so welcome in parts of the US where some very foolish politicians (are there any other kind) out lawed this MMA in several states such as New York, CA and others.

(Those who love John McCain should know that he was one of the leaders in attempting to outlaw this great sport!)

By the way Matt Hughes is a very serious power in the welter weight division. Currently I don't think anyone in the world at 170lbs. can beat him!


Three letters for you.




well give gsp another 2-3 fights then let him go at hughes again.


Not only does Pride have better fighters, it's more exciting. See, UFC was designed to favor ground fighters (aka the gracies), so you get points for things like just being on top, there's a cage to ensure that ground fights can go as long as possible (and they allow you to force your opponent into the cage), and to get the ref to actually stand the fighters up you have to practically have no action for a minute or more.

I love the UFC, but Pride owns.


Where can you watch pride fights besides pay-per-view?

Are they anwhere on cable like the UFC?


check out www.PrideFC.com , they've got a section talking about upcoming non-PPV shows on various cable networks in the US.


Bj Penn...been there, done that,


You hit the nail on the head. Like TUF on spike? They say 6fig contract, what they don't say is it is 6 figures over three years, which is like 33k a year or like working your butt of at McDonalds. A good fighter can make more then that in one fight in Japan.

Then consider the nature of MMA. I mean in boxing you can get knocked out and be fine. In MMA you can get your knee blown out in a heel hook that you didn't even notice and you are screwed up for life. If you want fighters to take a real risk you have to make it worth while. This is why more fighters try and go to Japan. Purse makes the reward/risk balance out and even if you lose your compensation is still good. Outside of endorsements I don't think there are any UFC fighters (AND I MEAN ANY) making over 200k a year.


I think that the better fighters are in pride right now


Last year in Pride, Mirko Crocop made $200,000 US per fight, and fought about 11 times. That is without any endorsements, and without winning a title. Japan throws a lot more money at their fighters.


^Silva makes even more per fight. And then there is Bob Sapp making nearly a million per fight.

Not to mention Royce Gracie is charging K-1 nearly a million to fight in their upcoming New years show.

UFC is in a rebuilding mode and at the moment they just cant afford big names. Seriously look at their heavy weight division, its a joke.

Hopefully as MMA becomes mainstream and UFCs pockets get deeper we will see more and more of the best fighters actually fighting in USA.


Is Pride a step above UFC? I saw a bout where Chuck Lidell, the regining bad ass of UFC, get his ass kicked in a Pride fight. Also, the Gracie's don't seem to fare to well in Pride fights.

You dont think the Gracie's do well? Rickson has almost 400 wins and 0 yes ZERO losses. All of the Gracie brothers fight Pride.

Not to mentions the fighters get way more money from the Japanese market.


Arlovski vs CroCop anyone?


Did you somehow miss the word "CURRENTLY?"


Come on... you do realize that Rickson made his reputation fighting nobodys right?

If you think I'm wrong please give me a list of Ricksons "400" opponents. They were fake wrestlers, guys looking for a quick buck and other stellar contenders.

Please don't beat the "Rickson was incredible drum" because there really is nothiing to back that up.