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UFC: Undisputed


Anybody pick this up today? It's awesome.

If anybody wants to get choked out on Xbox Live my gamertag is ErickFNStevens.


that game looks sick!


I'll probably rent it at least. It's getting surprisingly good reviews.


I traded Street Fighter and 20 bucks for it today. Can't wait to get home and try it out.


The game is incredibly technical, so i don't think it would be that enjoyable. It would probably be much easier to just learn the wrestling in real life.

On a side note my room mate and i took a muay thai class up at the university so it was kind of cool to see the stuff we learned implemented in a video game. Other than that i probably wouldn't waste my money buying something i probably wouldn't even end up playing anyways.

Not that it is a bad game, i just don't spend much time playing video games in general anymore... The only real gripe i had with the game was the fact that you could pause the game at any point and time and look up the right counter for everything. This made the game incredibly easy and i would imagine end up killing the difficulty curve.


the game is retardedly technical, even more so than MK vs DC.

however, i'll still kick your ass. let me go pick up my mic first so i can shit talk you as well. lol


Not everybody is a button mashing caveman. Why did you even post in this thread? Suck it.

Mac, you're on.


This is one of the coolest games I've ever played. I was GSP in my first fight, knocked out Matt Serra with an elbow, haha. Awesomeness. It's kinda like watching a UFC paperview, same kind of setup which is really cool. It even has the ring girls, and their breasts giggle as they walk, my kind of game.


it's Jiggle ya damn candadian.

you on xbox live as well?

<-- ThrownOutlaw


how's the gameplay? I was debating picking it up tonight buuuut a snow storm got in the way of me going to any stores after work


What the hell are you talking about? Hitting start and looking up the correct counter or combo is just about the exact opposite of button mashing..


Snow storm? Jeebus. It was 94 degrees F in mn today


You're a retard.

Besides, I've done "the wrestling" and BJJ is much harder than any videogame.


By your own admission, you don't really play a lot of video games anymore. It also doesn't sound like you enjoy fighting games either as you said it is too technical to be enjoyable.

Pausing the game to figure out counters or combos is a good way to learn how to play. Obviously if you're playing with your friends you wouldn't do this though.


ive played the demo and its one of the most addicting games ive ever played, and thats the demo haha, it is very technical but i tihnk thats what makes it fun


I wish...I'm stuck in Northern Alberta until August and it was a snowstorm......gotta love snow at the end of May


Umm, its Canadian spelling, or something.

No I'm not. Lucky for you cause I'd kick your ass.


For the record, we do spell it "jiggle."


For the record he spells it as "jiggle".


Game is sick, but the career mode is kinda blah, as it seems pretty easy. I became the champ in just a day. Mind you I am a ridiculous fighter :wink: