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UFC Undisputed Game


Who's going to get it? Already got it?

Looks pretty cool


I haven't played a fighting game in forever, haven't played anything but Madden and Tiger Woods and Rock band in a few years... So I'm wondering what folks' take is on this one.


I think there is already a thread or two on this. It is awesome, though!
It has its niggles, slow movement through menus, and annoying load times/non-skippable highlight reels and fighter intro's. I mean, c'mon, I made the friggin' fighter, I don't want to watch a 45 second bio of him each time I fight!

Other than that, the controls are REALLY indepth. There are more combo's than I honestly think you could remember. And since there's so goddamn many for each of the positions you'd be in, whether it be probing, striking, clinching, grappling, takedown, submission, ground + pound, transitions etc you really could fill up a couple months, becoming a pro at it. I have noticed however, playing it with friends, you're not as susceptible to button-bashing as some other fighting games are, since there are reversals, counters and the ref will jump in to seperate the fighters if it gets to a stalemate.

It does however happen, where a button masher will get into a rhythm of a constant barrage of the same attack, the introduction of stamina - whereby attacks will be less powerful the less stamina you have left - solves that, though it can be hard to get out of. Fuck the button-bashers of the world!

The single player campaign is pretty short, but satisfying. I created a welterweight fighter, primarily to kick the crap outta Chuck, and after two days and maybe 6 hours of career play, I'm ranked number 2. A couple more "filler" fights every couple months on the game, should give me enough time to build up my character to take a title shot. Probably another 2/3 hours gametime.

Despite it's shortcomings, I definitely recommend this game, especially for a fight-fan.


honestly, that's really all i got out of it.


Good luck fighting liddell at welterweight...


Did you guys see that Clay Guida was left off the game because of his long hair? Even though Evan Tanner is included. So, the developers can handle your character if you're dead, but not if you have long hair?