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UFC Ultimate 100


Spike is playing the top 100 UFC Fights over 5 nights starting tonight at 9 PM. Thought you guys might be interested. First 25 being played tonight.









I am interested! Thanks for letting me know thats pretty sweet.


I'm interested, too. Unfortunately, I just came across this thread, so I missed the first night. Spike schedule online doesn't show any repeats (that I saw). Anyone know if they'll be showing this again? Regardless, I'll catch tomorrow (and thanks for posting).


I think the episode that was played tonight is on at 8PM Monday right before the new one at 9


Just a heads up for anyone with comcast cable with the HD package who lives in the west,the HD channels are all in east coast time so the program was on at 6 in hd.I allready watched it.Its cool now I will be able to watch the ultimate fighter without having to stay up late.