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Found this on the UFC site, thought I would post it:

LAS VEGAS, July 30, 2002 … Officials of Zuffa LLC, the owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), today announced that it has withdrawn its title recognition from Josh Barnett as the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Zuffa’s action is based on the Friday, July 26, unanimous vote (5-0) by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to suspend Barnett’s license for six months. The NSAC listened to several hours of testimony and presentation of evidence and concluded Barnett violated Nevada’s unarmed combat laws by having three, separate anabolic agents in his body when he won the UFC heavyweight title from Randy Couture March 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The UFC waited more than four months while Barnett dealt with the disciplinary case brought by the NSAC. “We intentionally avoided making any statements prior to the Commission’s hearing because it was a matter between Josh and the State of Nevada. We also waited to take any action regarding the status of our heavyweight division because Josh deserved time to answer the Commission’s allegations,” said Dana White, UFC president.

“Zuffa supports the Commission’s goal of protecting the health and safety of the competitors. We want to see mixed martial arts become the premier combat sport in the world and therefore, we must move forward. The top spot in the heavyweight division is now vacant, and the new champion will be decided in the Octagon,” White said.

White announced that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture will meet top contender Ricco “Suave” Rodriguez

What do yoy guys think? Should they test in MMA, or fighting in general?

I dont think steroid users should be disqualified.

Fans of any sport want to see the biggest and fastest athletes available. (Especially in North America)Steroids help obtain these qualities.

Athletes who wont want to use performance enhancing drugs will have to be exeptionally gifted in skill, coordination, mental toughness.

Although I would love if we lived in a day where users had to include their enhancement drugs in their profile. Of course they would never do this in fear that the most successful athletes were ALL on juice. This would put immense pressure on teenage up-and-comers to juice.

I don’t think it matters to me if they test or not, I mean, I like to see dude really beat the crap out of each other, and if steroids makes them meaner (I know it’s not a verifiable reaction) or just bigger and meaner, i’m for it. But I think they do to seem a legitimate sport in the eyes of behind the times sports fans and the american public who might see it as cheating.

It’s a PR move by the UFC. The’re fighting for recognition throughout the US for legitimacy as a sport. They want to get on national TV and not be restricted to pay per view only. I’m sure their drug testing program is as flawed as every other sports organization’s and will not decrease the number of UFC athletes who use. Personally I enjoy watching UFC fights and I really don’t care who’s using performance enhancing drugs. But then I’m one of those people who believe steroids should not be illegal to possess and should not be banned in sports. I believe athletes should be better educated about steroid usage and if they make the choice to use, assisted under a doctor’s supervision. BTW Barnett would have been the last guy I would have guessed to be using. I’m guessing he was using to help training recovery time and maybe some increased aggression. He certainly does’nt look like he gained much size from using. I read that he was a former fatty, so maybe he used to help in his fat loss program.

This is just a ploy by the UFC to try to convince people that they will punish the fighters who use steroids. Barnett was used as the sacrificial lamb while all of the other fighters were allowed to get away with their steroid use.

I agree with Magnus and molsonman, it is a PR thing, and Barnett was the sacrificial lamb. I personally am against the use of performance enhancing drugs, but they are available, so if you want to win, and the other guy is using them, you have to make a decision. Magnus made an interesing point, that Barnett did not look like he was using. My experience has been that these guys are still in the stone age as far as training goes (we overheard a guy at Randy Couture’s gym say that the only way he could gain 5 pounds in 2 months was by using that “creatine stuff”), so it would not surprise me that Barnett did ot see the full benefit of his cycle. I am going to start training in September, and may decide to get back in the ring, possibly at a high level of competition (I may be able to train with two former olympic wrestlers who are fighting in the UFC, Matt Lindland and Randy Couture), and at age 34 I too may have to make a decision. Although my choice will more than likely be Mag-10.

The difference between fighters and bodybuilders using steroids is that bodybuilders aren’t hitting people. You need to take into account that steroids make people much stronger and more aggressive and this could be very detrimental to the safety of the fighters who choose to stay clean. It is wrong to use drugs when another person’s safety is in your hands (or fist).

It’s not Zuffa’s decision as to whether their
athletes are tested, it’s the NSAC’s decision(the licensing body).

Personally, I don’t care whether athletes use
or not, but they know the rules, or at least
they should.

Yes Josh Barnett doesn’t seem like he uses steroids but if you compare the way Josh looks in his earlier fights the way he looks now you can see a huge difference.

I’ve been debating with myself for the past week whether if I should get on Mag-10.

I’m wondering what has kept you [or others] from getting on? For most on this forum its a ‘no brainer’.

Sounds like a great opportunity to be able to train under Coutoure and Lindland. I would imagine you will get to train with some quality people. I’m extremely jealous. I know what you mean about picking up an new sport at an older age. I’m 35 and although I have a boxing and wrestling backround, I only started grappling and taking Muay tai classes last year. I wish I had gotten into this when I was much younger, it’s become my biggest addiction. I hate doing anything where I’m not one of the best in the club and this has been a humbling and often frustrating experience. But, I’m hooked. If you do decide to compete, best of luck. Once I get my rotator cuff back in order, I’m considering it myself. It’s hard to just train for something and never actually step in the ring to test yourself. If you do compete, keep us updated on your progress.

As a martial artist myself, I think that in full-contact and espcially no holds barred comps all athletes should be tested.

As a previous poster said - steroids make you stronger and faster. I like to see a good fight as much as anyone. However I don’t like to see ppl injured,killed or given brain damage in the ring. I’ve seen all of these occur in the past and it’s never good to see.

I want to see fighter’s with careers, not ppl who go in, get so seriously hurt they can’t compete again and have trouble even getting a job afterwards.

Cos i wanna see a fight. Not a slaying.

Bop:The main reason have not tried Mag-10 is the expense, you would need to spend about 500-600 bucks not including food, for a 12 week cycle (mag10, Tribex, M, Grow, Surge). I am also still a little uneasy when it comes to androgens, and worry about side effects. I have been content to see what I can do without them, but now I will more than likely need to put on about 20 lbs so I can fight lightheavy, and Mag-10 is mighty tempting.

Magnus: Randy is 39, and going to fight for the heavyeight title in september so there is hope for us older fighters. I am going to give it a shot, and hopefully I can impress them enough that they will work with me. Hope your rotator cuff gets better, you are seeing an ART practitioner right?

Yes I do have a good ART practitioner here who has done great work on both shoulders in the past. However he has not been able to help me with the current problem and preliminary x-rays show cartlidge damage. I get an MRI done in two weeks. The orthopedic surgeon here, who’s specialty is shoulders, feels that it will probably require an orthoscopic procedure. The health care system here in Canada is slow. There is usually a two month or longer waiting list to get an MRI and just as long a waiting list for many surgeries.

I forgot to throw in my $.02 in on the mag-10 issue. First off I will say that I have done two cycles of aas in the past which of course makes my opion not quite objective. A close friend (the one who got me into MMA) decided he needed to put on 10lbs, just recently, for competition purposes. He was 42, 6’1, 200lbs and maxed out genetically. He is a total ectomorph who had to work like a dog and eat like a pig to hold 200lbs. His diet and training were sound, so I suggested mag-10 to him and he decided to give it a go. After 2 weeks of mag-10 and 2 weeks of tribex, he was up 12 lbs. Against my advice he decided not to do another two weeks of mag-10, but has continued the tribex. It’s been about 5 weeks now and he’s sitting comfortably at 210. I thought he would have lost some of the gains, but he hasn’t. He loves grappling with the ten extra lbs. and I can vouch for the added power he’s gained in the striking department. Having said all this, I have never used mag-10 personally and would not try to convince anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with. I just thought I would share what I witnessed with one person who has used the product for similar reasons to which you are considering it for. Whatever you decide, best of luck.

Like I said, very tempting. As they say, when two fighters have equally good technique, size and strength come into play.

“When two fighters have equally good technique, size and strength come into play.” That’s true. But that’s why there are weight divisions. Not all of us are made to be huge. I would persoanlly try to come in as heavy as possible in the most accessible weight class.

‘I personally am against the use of performance enhancing drugs’ If you are against them, dont use them. A man is defined by his morals, not his physical attributes.

Weight class even the odds,but one thing you have to consider is the fighter’s height. A shorter fighter has more muscle mass than a taller fighter.The most accessible weight class for me, would be middle weight, but I am tall for a mddle weight at 5’10. Granted I have a reach advantage, but that means dick in the clinch or on the ground. My best bet is to move up to light heavy, another 20-25 lbs. That is going to take some serious work, especially when I am having trouble keeping my weight above 155, and will be adding in fight training.

As far as being defined by ones morality/integrity, a mans morality/integrity is not going to be judged in the ring. I guess I should have stated my position differently, I would prefer that athletes were drug free, and relied on natural ablity and disciplined training, but that is not the case. Steroids are part of pro-sports, and if you want to compete at a high level, and steroids (legal or illegal) will help get you there, decisions, decisions.......

Just checked the weight classes in MMA, and they are different than boxing, so there is the potential for huge weight differences In fighters. Heres the UFC classes:

Lightweight – over 145 lbs. to 155 lbs. * Welterweight – over 155 lbs. to 170 lbs. * Middleweight – over 170 lbs. to 185 lbs. * Light Heavyweight – over 185 lbs. to 205 lbs. * Heavyweight – over 205 lbs. to 265 lbs.

Looks like I'm going to be a Welterweight, maybe middle weight