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UFC Signs Werdum for UFC 70



Another huge signing by Dana. Werdum and Cro Cop seriously round out a division that was not too long ago considered the weakest in MMA. AA-Werdum is an AWESOME fight, and Lyoto-Forrest will be good too. Dana says he's working on another big Pride signing, possibly a LHW. My guess would be either Arona or Diet Nog. The animousity between them over who gets the title shot and Pride's lack of motivation to even set up legitimate 205 title shots would drive one of them away eventually I have always said.



As far as the LHWs, it would be interesting to see Arona with the UFC rules since he's so good on the ground. He could probably pound out more than a few victories with elbows.


Yup. MMA is so damn exciting now, I love it.


I agree, Donut. AA vs. Werdum is gonna be exciting to watch. I don't know who I'm gonna pick in that one. Probably AA.

I don't see Arona making that much of an impact at 205 in the ufc. Rampage, Tito, and Chuck could all beat him pretty soundly, I reckon. What Dana should be focusing on is making good on his promise to deliver Wandy vs. Chuck!


I don't know about Rampage beating arona soundly. Before the powerbomb, Arona was winning that match.

Tito's main gameplan, takedowns and ground and pound, wouldn't work well with arona,, considering his strength.

As for Chuck.. well, if Arona can get him down, he's got the kind of strength required to hold him there.. I don't think anyone could overpower him on the ground.


I guess it makes sense Werdum signing with the UFC because he is on Mirko's team. Though if the day comes that Werdum has to fight Mirko...
I don't see why Arona can't make an impact in the UFC'S 205 division. I think he is better that Tito. At the very least he has faced better competition more consistently than Tito. I would pick Arona over Jardine, Forrest and Evans. That leaves Rampage and Chuck and Babalu. Though I am not confident that Arona would win over American fans(the casual ones and the ones who go to see the events) with his style.