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UFC Scoring, UFC 99, Confusion



I was originally looking at an article from mmanews.com but it dissapeared. But what the articles imply the judge scoring of the main event just confuses the hell out of me. But the above website indicates he won 2 of the rounds.

Franklin unanimously won the first round, all judges agreed.

Rounds 2 and 3 Silva got 2 of 3 judge votes.

So its Round 1 = Franklin 3 votes
Round 2 = Silva 2 Franklin 1
Round 3 = Silva 2 Franklin 1

So becausae Franklin got 3 in the first, any split decision wuold give him 5 judges scores vs Sliva's 2, even tho Silva won more rounds unanimously?

How do they possibly negate Silva unanimously winning 2 of the 3 rounds with that? If he unanimously won 2 rounds why did he not win the fight? Originally this article was from mmanews.com, but I went back looking for it and can't find it because they made room for newer news. And I'm having trouble finding ALL of the judges decisions on another website, so it might have been a typo.

Can anyone confirm Silva DID NOT unanimously win 2 rounds?
And if he did does the scoring system seriously consider that a loss? Unanimously winning more rounds then your opponent? Obviously if Franklin wins the first solidly, and the second 2 are close but Silva gets it unanimous then thats 5 numbers added up versus 4, which is impossible for Silva to win.

I'm trying to use Google-Fu to find the official judges scoring but I haven't seen them since the day after the fights. I could have swore the article said Silva unanimously won two rounds.


I can only think that the article you were reading disappeared for a reason; that reason being it was incorrect.

UFC is a 10 point scoring system, the judges don't vote on round winners. The winner of a round must get 10 points, and the loser of the round gets 9, or 8 if they really stunk up the joint. (I'm not sure I've ever seen a round loser get a 7) At the end they simply add up each judges' score individually, and if all 3 judges have fighter A with more points, then it is unanimous. If 2 judges have fighter A with more points, and 1 judge has fighter B with more points, it is a split decision.

Forget the voting stuff, you're making it too complicated.


Jordan Breen scored all rounds Franklin, so all together Jordan Breen scored the bout 30-27. THe rest of the judges score the fight round 1 Franklin, rounds 2 and 3 silva. Because of faggot ass Jordan Breen Franklin took five rounds, Silva took 4. FUCK YOU JORDAN BREEN


Unless they do shit differently in Germany, that's not right. A score of 30-27 Franklin, 29-28 Silva, and 29-28 Silva is a win for Silva no matter how you cut it. You don't just win rounds, you win points in each round. That's how draws happen, like Rashad v. Ortiz.






You can't what?

First off, you do know that Jordan Breen is a contributor to Sherdog, and has absolutely zero to do with actual judging, right? Here's a tip for you, those "scores" you see on the sherdog play-by-play pages are just from three dudes who are guessing what the actual judges might score.

For the Franklin/Silva fight, the real judges were Chris Lee, Andy Roberts, and Tony Weeks. Futhermore, the fight decision was unanimous, so all judges had Franklin winning more rounds.

This shit isn't that hard.




Honestly I could have seen the main event going either way as it was a pretty even fight IMO (I think that takedown with seconds to go by Franklin sealed the deal for him though).

The decision that really didn't make sense to me was the Uno vs. Fisher fight. Uno basically controlled that fight for the entire duration and even ended the last round in mount hitting fisher and threatening for submissions a couple times. In what backwards ass universe did Fisher win that fight?


Yeah, I totally agree on the Fisher fight. I was positive right up until Fisher's hand was raised that Uno had won the fight.


I just thought it was really weird that a few websites said judges gave Silva rounds 2 and 3 yet Franklin won. Thats a huge typo carried on a couple websites. Internet typo's + Rabid Silva fan = rage

From UFC's website, "Scores for Franklin were 30-27 twice, and 29-28".

I definitely didn't see a 30-27 twice, although I did have beer goggles on at the time surrounded by people screaming for Silva. I'll wait for the Compustrike stats to get angrier.

Sorry if this threads based on a typo, but I had to find out.


my bad


Andy Roberts is a good friend of mine so when I get the chance I will ask him how it went down in the scoring.

But for the record, Borrek is right, it is a 10 point must system like boxing and the websites just post their opinions, then pull them down if they are wrong.