Ufc rio

Dana White and the fighters are at Rio, i just made an interview for the channel that will be broadcasting the UFC at open cable to all Brazil and it will be broadcasted tomorrow before the press conference.

I’m talking about my career, pro debut, UFC and MMA Mania, i’ll be sure to upload the video with subtitles =)



Damn, nice man!

War Shogun.


[quote]kaisermetal wrote:

Was that the interview? I am going to need the subtitles. Regardless, good news.


Robert A

In my mind it was like: “Wow, very nice ass, may i please have a look at your boobs?”

First they talk about the boxing academy that have under 3 viaducts on Sao Paulo and is forging champions and then about the mma mania around the world and how i met mma and how that love developed.

Funny thing is they edited it a lot, so it sounds like i’ll be fighting on UFC RIO on august, really pretentious huh? haha