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UFC Reality Check: Updates


Notice Rampage Jackson watching the fights? Will he be fighting in the UFC? If CroCop and Fedor in UFC, they would destroy.


I think Waterbury needs to work with Sylvia to get his lifts up to 2.5x his bodyweight and get his physique in check. :slightly_smiling: No, I'm not being facetious.


Yeah I saw that. He trains with Tito though so I don't thnk it means he's coming to UFC. I'm sure there would have been a big thing where he'd call out Chuck if he was. Crocop, Fedor, and Big Nog would use the UFC heavy's as playthings. Unfortunately it's UFCs least competitive and least entertaining division.


Rampage just signed with the IFL to do their broadcasting...nothing was said about him fighting in that org...

i assume he's still open to join the UFC


I don't think Sylvia's strength is a problem at all. Just because he looks a little fat and sloppy doesn't mean he isn't as strong as an ox. Vasiliy Alekseyev looked fat & sloppy too, but that didn't stop him from being one of the strongest men to ever set foot on this planet. Heck, look at every offensive lineman in the NFL for that matter. They are all wicked powerful and most of 'em have sloppier physiques than Sylvia.

All of the reports that come out of MFS say that Sylvia is an animal in the weightroom. If anything, his diet might be a little sloppy, but since he fights as a heavyweight anyway he might as well carry a little extra bodyfat.

You don't need to look like Mr. Olympia to be ridiculously strong. As a matter of fact, MOST great strength athletes tend to carry quite a bit of extra bodyfat.


I'd hate to be the guy manning the three-second delay 'bleep' button for their broadcasts. Rampage is going to wear him out.


Maybe I'm just naive, but why the hell didn't Arlovski go in for the RNC after he clocked Sylvia? Tim basically just went straight into guard and then gave Andre his back, and Andre just stands there, throws a few shots and lets Sylvia stand back up. Seems like a pretty blatant mistake to me.