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UFC Reality Check: Updates


Just ordered it.

Will keep you guys updated on the fights, if anyone cares.

My predictions:

Griffin by decision
Arlovski by KO in 3rd


Please do, i didnt order it ;/


Jeff Monson Vs. Marcio Cruz:

Jeff Monson by split decision.





Ordered the damn thing but all I get is a black screen...I'm sure this will be an all out war with comcast over my $40.


These updates are much appreciated!

Arlovski submission first round, history will repeat itself.

Tito KOs Forrest in the second.


Yes! Yes! Yes! keep us updated.


I cant believe that monson didnt ko or submit cruz. Monson gets my vote for tman of the year, he is one impressive looking dude and he can back it up.


alright here are the results so far:

Prelim fights:

Thiago Alves def. Derrick Noble via GNP 1st rd.

Jason Lambert def. Terry Martin via 2nd rd stoppage(strikes)

David Terrell def. Scott Smith via RNC 1st rd.

Karo Parisyan def. Nick Thompson via strikes 1st rd.

Fight Card:

Monson def. Pe De Pano via Split Dec.

Tanner def. Levens via Triangle

Tito vs. Forrest on right now...

tito wins 1st rd easily....takes 2nd rd. off...judges will give to forrest...final rd. coming


tito wins via split dec.....

thank god!!!....

by the way....you have to figure Monson wouldn't submit Pe De Pano...who is a 3x BJJ world Champ and ADCC champ.....eventhough Monson is also a ADCC champ...i did figure Monson could knock him out...but really isn't known for his superior striking


Tito dominated the first, went to sleep for the second, and won the third. Wish it was a five rounder, but War Tito, bring on Ken.


All the boys at sherdog are calling it a BS decision cause it was in Ortiz's home town


I'm really disappointed with the results of the Ortiz/Griffin fight. I could have gone either way. If you look at the reactions of Shamrock and Liddell its obvious you know who they think should have won.

Either way, Griffin's toughness and heart is spectacular to watch. Much respect.


Iron you have to remember....Ken and Chuck despise Tito....so of course they would look pissed


Yeah, I realize that...but i'm just pissed and ranting lol


Sherk def. Diaz via unanimous decision.....

diaz is still my hero....lol


Oh...my...God. Anything can happen, but that was crazy. How Sylvia took that punch I don't know. Incredible win, I guess it's time for the rubber match. I think it's safe to say that Fedor is safe for the time being :slightly_smiling:


Sylvia via 1st rd KO...dammit...how

rubber match war Arlovski

AA almost ended the fight b4 sylvia got the KO


I can't believe how surprised Diaz was that he didn't win. He didn't do shit that whole fight. What dream world is he living in. I can't believe AA lost!!! I guess it's true what they say about his chin. War Silvia. Now if the UFC would get some more world class heavy's things will become interesting.


Haha, yeah Fedor has nothing to worry about from any UFC heavy. We'll have to see how he does in the second OWGP.