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UFC Primetime: St. Pierre vs. Penn Episode 1 Video - UFC 94


I think I creamed my pants watching this, right at the beginning especially.


All aboard the GSP WAR WAGON!!!!


Sorry bud, BJ already explained this. He's going to kill him. And he's not joking about this.


I've seen BJ fight lyoto machida at 205 and NOT get his ass handed to him. After that I just can't cheer against him on principle.

but my heart is with GSP... no homo.


BJ needs to put down the bong and stay outta the sun.


Yeah, I gotta man crush on GSP too! (No homo)


...i'll be in my bunk, heh,

fantasizing that me & GSP are homo lovers <3


Jesus christ BJ Penn talks alot of shit.


All the more reason to enjoy watching GSP maul him.


Here's hoping to that happening.


Maybe, but BJ Penn can backup his shit talking. BJ is one of those few naturally elite fighters. That dude shows up fat and out of shape, and chokes out Matt Hughes. His first fight with GSP was anything but decisive, even though GSP showed up as his freak-of-nature self, and Penn was a little chubby.

Either man can win. I think GSP will, but the only better match for GSP is Anderson Silva, and that ain't happenin.


Raise your hand if you know who's strength and conditioning program is better:




Time to turn up the riddum!


listening to BJ's entrance music gives me the chills: http://mixedmartialartvideos.com/2008/04/11/bj-penn-entrance-music-israel-kamakawiwoole/


I knew that Spike and the UFC had to copy HBO's 24/7. This is a good idea.


I don't see how BJ wins this one. He not going to take GSP down and he's not gong to avoid GSPs takedowns. If GSP isn't fairing well in the striking battle, which I think he will, he can just take BJ down.

I actually like BJ more than GSP and would love for him to win, but I just don't see it. Bad match-up for him.


I think the fight depends on BJ's gas tank. What makes people think Georges striking is so good, beating Jon Fitch? Taking down BJ is very hard as well, I'm taking BJ by TKO or submission (depends on where George tries to take the fight.


BJ can win by Sub (obviously off his back), TKO (if serra can get a fluke, BJ definitely can)...

BJ can also win by BJ/Hulk-AMANIA from his fans late in the 3rd round after GSP tries to tap him, and he gets out, then stands up wildly pacing around the ring calling for his fans then he'll go for the legdrop.

trust me... he'll go for the leg drop.


You sound like you're trying to convince someone...



BJ will be challenging for the middle weight title soon. Anderson Silva better watch out.