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UFC Predictions


Looks to be some good fights, what are everyones predictions? I think the main attraction is Penn and GSP but predicting it will be tough. -T


Penn will lose in a very close fight. Or, he will win in a very close fight.

Okay..I'm not sure on that one.


Those are some pretty strong claims ZEB, sure you want to go out on a limb like that?


Franklin dominates. St. Pierre wins by submission. St Pierre vs.Hughes. Thats going to be an unbelievable fight.


Canadian sweep!


I agree


Franklin wins easily, i think he is peaking in his career right now and shouldn't have a problem w/ the crow.

I think a lot of ppl are sleeping on BJ Penn, mainly the fans who haven't been watching since before TUF series.

you have to remember BJ is the 1st american to ever go to Brazil and win their world championships at the black belt level in jiu-jitsu...which it only took him 3.5 years to get...he's an absolute phenom on the ground.

he's beaten probably the best 155lb fighter in the world over Gomi.

wins over Cal Uno,Matt Serra,Din Thomas, and yes even a submission victory over Matt Hughes in the 170lb class..

fought at 185 and beat Rodridgo and Renzo Gracie.

Lost in a decision to Machida who is a HW and the same guy who knocked out TUF competitor Stephan Bonnar and Middleweight king Rich Franklin.

GSP has never been through a war like he will with "The Prodigy" come saturday night...

btw GSP is one of my fav. fighters just not over the pride of Hilo...


Man, that GSP and Penn fight is tough to call. Penn's performance against Hughes was quite impressive. And, of course, GSP always shows up in top shape.

I would like to see GSP win, but I don't think any current UFC fighter can compete with Penn on the ground. (After all, the dude submitted Hughes.)

The only BJJ fighter I've seen who's better than Penn is Royce Gracie.


I've been waiting to see this fight for a long time, especially because you know Hughes is going to do everything he can to destroy the cocky new guy. It's gonna be sick. Anyone know when this match is going down?


I talked to BJ yesterday. He's was getting over the flu.


Franklin by KO
St. Pierre by TKO

And these matches are so close I have absolutely no confidence in my predictions.


Penn by anything he wants.


Great analysis! I actually have a little bit of money riding on Penn, so I hoper you're right! IMO, winner of Penn vs GSP = next UFC welterweight champ.


I think Penn is equal if not slightly better than GSP standing, not as explosive maybe but I definately see him having the edge. On the ground, no-one can compete with Penn. Penn by ownage in the 2nd.


GSP will win against Penn.

This win will be brought to you by Spike and Biotest Labs, producing T-Men since 1998.

Note: All the other Canadian's will win after GSP Spike's their drinks.


Franklin will wear the Crow down. The man just doesn't stop.

Hughes will find a way.


"The Prodigy" will win the real main event, and no, he's better than Royce on the ground. Rickson beats em both to hell, though.

No way Franklin loses his fight.


Better than Royce on the ground? Man, that's a bold statement. But you know what, you could be right. Although, I'd still give the edge to Gracie because of his experience in the octagon. Unfortunately, we'll never see a match between Penn and Gracie.

Nevertheless, I'm absolutely blown away by Penns' skills on the mat. The dude is incredible.


I see Rich Franklin takin it to the house!


penn is vastly superior to royce on the ground in sport bjj, how it translates to the octagon is guesswork at best

i think penn is going to win this fight easy, and i like GSP

ill aslo take franklin to beatdown the crow

i dont even know what else is on the card, but ill be watching