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UFC Picks up Paul Daley

I’m looking forward too some of the match ups for him at ww. It seems like he has some sharp stand up but I dont know about his ground game.

Damn shame this thread went this long with no responses. Says alot about current state of this forum…

Anyways,this is a big fucking deal,imo. Daley is an very explosive,talented fighter. Hopefully,his ground game is evolving enough to be a serious contender. Still makes for some interesting match-ups at 170.

Daley vs. Alves already crossed my mind. Or maybe even Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. Although,people underestimate Rumble’s wrestling abilities because of his stand-up.

Daley is a hell of a signing and is most definately an exciting fighter! His ground game is alittle shady to say the least but maybe he will follow in old training partner Dan Hardy and do some work with Eddie bravo. Now DAley vs Hardy would be good, Alves vs Daley would most definately result in a knock out. Maybe Koshcheck vs Daley or Chris Lytle would be a great fight!

Decent I guess, has his sub game evolved the Shields armbar was the most televises sub I’ve seen.

What’s with all the bangers at 170? There are almost an infinate number of exciting stand-up wars at 170. Good addition.