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UFC: Ortiz Beats Shamrock

Fight stopped after 3rd round because Ken’s face was basically resembling a plate of chopped liver. Tito wins.

Great fight, the whole event was great. Too bad Freeman lost, he’s an awesome guy, hope he comes back again and wins. Order this event!

Yeah…Ken got mashed, Tito didn’t even look like he sweat that much. One thing I noticed, Ken looked a LOT older than the last time I saw him in the UFC…I wonder if the pro-wrestling circuit and its related injuries have worn him down? At least Tito didn’t act like a total ass after winning. I wonder if Frank Shamrock is going to come out of his semi-retirement to challenge Ortiz?

As a side note, has there EVER been a UFC where they didn't mention Royce Gracie at least once? It almost seems like mentioning a Gracie on each show was part of the sales contract with SEG!

Great fight. Ken showed a lot of heart but was clearly overmatched against a young, quick highly skilled opponent in Ortiz. I thought overall it was one of the best UFC’s to date. Tito haters give the man somes props.

I was rooting for Shamrock, but I gotta admit Ortiz handed him his ass. Decent fight. The fight just before it (the skinny weak guys)was the best of the night.

Shamrock definately did not take that beating lying down. Just when you thought he was done for he just jumped right back up into Tito’s face.

Tito Ortiz definitely dominated the entire fight. Shamrock had one good punch in the 1st round that almost knocked Ortiz out and put him down on one knee but that was the only offense Shamrock had the entire fight. Ken looked really old and should probably consider retirement or a career in pro wrestling.

I was hoping to see Shamrock win, but it just was not gonna happen. Oh well, out with the old and in with the new. Tito is a tmf.

The minute Shamrock came out, it was apparent to me that he was not the same person from earlier days. He was clearly less aggressive and much slower. Also, it seemed to me that he did not fight the style of fight that has always worked for him–shooting in early and going for submission. He stood and played the strike game until taken down by Tito. I noticed Shammy’s legs were not nearly as strong as they used to be. Perhaps his change of M.O. was do to cardio issues (i.e., he may have known he would have gassed out soon if it went to the ground–which he did when it did go to the ground; in earlier years this would not have happened–see the fights with J. Gracie). I still think that if the Shamrock of the Mid 1990s would have entered the Octagon with Tito, he would have taken the belt home with him.

i thought ortiz was going to get his ass kicked. i couldnt believe tito laughed at shamrock during the press conference, then his badass entrance, but damn can that guy fight. shamrock is a tough SOB, but ortiz is the best ive seen since the gracies.

gracie will return.

Where are all the shit talkers now? “Tito won’t be able to take Shamrock down” I guess open mouth insert foot. Tito is the best mma fighter in the world IMHO. Gracie will return? Royce? That would be a mistake. He couldn’t hang anymore. It’s the new UFC, and it’s awesome.

I think what Tito ‘lovers’ don’t seem to understand is that most Tito haters don’t think he’s a bad fighter, we just think he generally acts like a major asshole. As for giving him props, well, I do give him props for not acting like a major asshole after beating Ken. That’s one reason why so many people still love Royce, even though there’s not a chance in hell that he’ll make it as a modern MMA fighter, for several reasons not the least of which is that his back injury is not something you can recover from fully enough to be a pro fighter. But Royce, apart from introducing the sport to the American world, always acted with real class. Tito may be maturing past his ‘punk’ stage, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what would make me respect him, because he acts like a champion, regardless of whose ass he can or cannot kick.

I was pulling for Shamrock but Ortiz definitely dominated the fight. I had said before that I didn’t think Tito would take Ken down but I was wrong. Still not a huge fan of Tito’s style of fighting. It works for him but I’d be REAL curious to see Tito fight outside the octagon (meaning a ring like Pride). Shamrock spent most the time on his back trying to avoid being pinned against the fence and Tito spent his energy trying to put Ken there (as he pummeled him along the way). Not to take anything away from Tito but his style is taylor-made for the octagon. Can anyone say Vanderlai Silva? I know they fought before but they are both in their primes. Too bad it will never happen. There are plenty of guys who could match up with Tito but it’s just a matter of making the fights happen.

I think Tito would beat Silva in and out of the octagon. Tito has been training hard with the top trainers. Silva has been training with the same people and he seems to be getting a steady diet of Japanese tomato cans.

i didn’t say royce should, just that he is. and by the way he’s not the only one, some of his brothers are as crazy as they come.

Liddel would make a good opponent for Tito
and it looks like ZUFFA will finally give
Liddel the shot. Liddel has an awesome
sprall and a powerful stand up, so Tito
would have his hands full.

Great fight, and I couldn’t have been happier with the ending. It really showed how far the level of MMA competition has come over the years. You could tell that Shamrock was COMPLETELY overwhelmed by Tito’s skill and athleticism. The days of fat brawlers are over. Way to go, Tito.

I haven’t seen this MMA stuff for years so excuse my ignorance, but…
Tito Ortiz? Silva? What is this, featherweight boxing? I thought Shamrock was a big guy?