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UFC On Versus 3


i thought diego won by split not UD but man his face was the worst i'v seen probally broken

orbital bone. kapman fought a good fight landed good damaging shots but diego kept pushing

forward and fimnally got the takedown and got his win . what do you all think?


Diego got fucked up! I wanted to see him get his ass kicked, but I actually felt bad for the dude after the fight.


Am I the only person who thinks Kampmann is champion material. He seems like he has been the better overall fighter in each of his bouts, yet he makes mental errors that cost him wins. I think he should leave Xtreme Couture and move to Jacksons or somewhere that will help him game plan more.


I thought Kampmann would take it by split or UD, didnt see Diego taking that one. Guess the judges awarded

Diego on being aggressive, so getting stuffed on 11 of 12 take down attempts scores points these

days. And the takedown he did finally get, he did nothing after it got to the ground so idk. Chalk it up to

another crap decision like the Garcia Phan one a few months back, maybe they'll have a rematch on this one as

well once Diego's face heals up.


Not as bad as Garcia/Phan because that was straight robbery, this was close and you can see why the judges all scored 29-28. Everyone gave Kampmann R1 which was clear. R2-3 they gave to Diego on aggressiveness. I would have scored it a draw, with the last round being 10-10. If Kampmann hadn't broken his hand he might have been able to put together some more punches in the last minute and win it.


You can argue Diego landed more significant strikes than Martin, and when a round is close a takedown can sway the judges. In Phan Garcia, Garcia was outstruck and did not land the higher volume of strikes either.


ok the Garcia reference was a stretch, it was a close fight personally I thought Kampmann won

the first two rounds, second was close but think he edged it out.


See this is kind of odd, i've seen most give diego the second and martin the third


and that seems doubley odd(lol) cause if i remember correctly it seemed like kampmann didnt

hardly throw his right hand the last few minutes of the round after he broke it and pretty

much was jabbing and backpeddling. and also somewhere in there diego got his takedown he had

worked ever so hard for.

did you watch the fight yourself or just going off of articles?


I gave:
10-9 Kampmann
10-9 Kampmann
10-9 Deigo

Kampmann landed the better shots all three rounds. Deigo punched a lot of air, and the compubox reflects it.
It came down to aggression. I can see an argument for giving Deigo the 2nd based on aggression. Judges in MMA are unable to distinguish when one fighter is countering the shit out of another. Much like BJ/Edgar 1, they see movement, aggression and activeness. Kampmann knows this, and let the fight slip away from him. That broken hand cost him unfortunately.



Diego seemed to land the more significant strikes in round 2 and 3 imo which the stats don't account for.


Exactly. Much like Lenny Garcia last two/three wins too. Deigo wasn't landing as much. What he was doing was pushing forward. Unlike Nam Phan though, Martin was taking some damage, was slowing down, and was getting caught in flurries.
It's similar to a blue belt beating a seasoned purple in competition. He likely won't be doing it with technique. But if he has a strength and fitness advantage, and knows how to use it, he can 'outhustle' the purple to a referees decision or even score a point or two. That's why I'm a Deigo fan, he knows how to do this.

Guida and more, were all opponents he beat, or came close to beating, by being way more active.


and that was my comparison to the garcia fight that diego seemed to get pts for just being busy not

neccessarily doing the most damage. not that he didnt do any just that kampmann seemed to inflict more

damage and land more strikes is why i thought he should have gotten the W. and either kampmann has some

hella takedown defense or diego sucks at them. or maybe its just a little of both cause going 1-15

on takedowns damn. and i've only read a couple of articles and neither of them thought kampmann won the 3rd.


I think it was a good call. I dont think you'll ever see a "counter" fighter get a judges win over someone that presses a fight like Deigo did. Kampmann counterstruck ( and well ) for rounds two and three, but he didn't force the action or move froward, and while he stuffed a dozen take down attempts, you dont score points for defense.

Razor thin fight.

I did like the Rocky moment at the end..Deigo should have yelled: Yo, Adrian!


Randy gives Martin the 1st and the third as the ESPN crew did.