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UFC on Fox Predictions??


I think Bendo will work Edgar on the cage and drag him down or keep him from his usual in and out game with his kicks.


lol at the typical phrase used to describe a black athlete.


Dana White Screwed up by only putting one fight live on Tv which lasted all of 1 minute..... Why would you have the fights live on facebook but not on fox? at least the 3 main fights


Benson is a very dynamic fighter. Youre an idiot if you think think i only said that cause he's black. His submission defense is spectacular, his wrestling is not only superb, but his athleticism makes his wrestling/grappling defense amazing to watch. His standup is as competent as anyone else's in the division. How is he not dynamic?


God I'm going to be jumping all over the walls if Reem rapes Brock via uberknees now, JDS - Reem would be AWESOME! JDS had one nice takedown defended after Cain caught his kick, I'd buy that for pretty good takedown defense but still that fight didn't answer all to many questions imo. Nice nice KO by Junior though, can't say I'm one bit sad to see someone but a wrestler pick up the title but Cain will always have a special place in my heart after the asswhopping he put on Lesnar, hope he comes back from this well. It'll be interesting to see who they match Cain up with, Frank Mir if he beats Nog, maybe even Struve?

Bendo did just what I expected him to do, although Guida did land quite a few good shots standing. I see Edgar setting the pace from the beginning with far superioir striking and timing his takedowns well. I don't see Bendo taking Edgar down non stop since Maynard couldn't do it, and somehow I feel like he doesn't have the kind of striking game it takes to put lil' Frankie on his ass like Maynard did. I think Frankie is going to slam him down the first time he goes for a headkick of any kind, then Bendo is going to be lot more tentative with his standup and try to take it to the clinch, Frankie staying out and outstriking him on the way to late TKO. For some reason I still believe Guillard would posses a real big threat for Frankie, bigger than anyone in the division, but guess I'm still too stuck up in his hype train. Somehow I just don't see Cerrone taking the title from Frankie either, I just think the kid is too scrappy and tough, but LW div is the deepest in all of MMA right now IMO so the fuck do I know, anything might happen. Guida - Maynard up next?

Rest I haven't seen, any of them worth a watch in particular?


It wasn't really White's fault. This wasnt even the first "real" UFC on FOX event. It doesnt really kick off until January, and im sure the cards then will show much more than tonight.


too hard to tell or predict a fight with Bendo. With Maynard, Frankie knew there were few kicks coming, along with combinations. Plus Maynard comes in at one angle. What the big difference here that Frankie hasn't faced vs Penn and Maynard is that Bendo's grappling is strong AND he's fast. Frankie has only had to deal with one of those variables lately. I see this being a fence fight with the occasional drag down to the mat, Bendo layin' and prayin' his way to a UD.


Trust me Dana doesn't care, and is probably ecstatic at the devastating way the fight finished, and not some 3 rd grappling match against the fence where 2 HW's are sucking in air leaning on each other. There was no controversy (although some is good so people talk about it endlessly at work etc etc) and a new champion was crowned by a definitive win. Plus it was free to the masses, so it was a win win for White IMO


seriously, Bendo layin and prayin? he is the most awesome guy to watch on the LW together with GUIDA! every fight is entertaining as hell.


well not in the sense of that he wouldn't try anything, I mean him having Edgar pinned against the fence either on their feet or on the ground, controlling him and throwing the occasional shot in while being overcautious about keeping his position. I can see 3 1/2 mintues outta the 5 being this way. Though I didn't take into account that this would be a 5 rounder. But I can see this pattern happening with Bendo vs Frankie.

To me, it didn't look like Bendo respected anything Guida had, and didn't care if he lost position, he'd get it back is probably what he thought. I don't think Bendo will do this vs Edgar being that he is a better fighter and it's for the title.


fighting pundits would love to know that

Gene Lebell scored one the fights from UFC ON FOX yesterday.

he gave Rosa VS Lucas 28x28


Good call. I believe we both said in the Carwin vs JDS thread that JDS is just a physical specimen. Long and rangy and very strong and explosive. Unlike alot of very good mma strikers, he has displayed the ability to stay off of his back and avoid being grinded against the cage.

I think him against Overeem would be an incredible fight. Overeem has to get by Lesnar firth though. If he can avoid the takedown in the first round, I believe he will tko Lesnar very easily.


Seems we tend to be on the same page about most things MMA. I completely agree, Overeem vs JDS (provided Reem can impressively dispatch Lesnar, which i believe he will) will go down as one of the biggest HW fights of all time i think.

I see Reem avoiding the takedown fairly easy, i actually can see Reem being able to muscle Lesnar around in the clinch. I think he gets the TKO within 2.

What are your thoughts on a JDS/Reem fight? Thats one that is pretty tough to call, (again, this is assuming he beats lesnar) but i think ive gotta pick Overeem as long as he is able to keep pace with JDS. If he doesnt TKO him within the first couple rounds, its hard to say how he will react in the latter half of the fight. His boxing defense has looked spectacular in the last couple years (in both MMA and K1) except for in the Verdum fight, which i think most would agree he only got hit as much as he did because he didnt give any respect to Verdum's standup. On top of that, there is no one that hits harder than him.

This fight is probably going to be my most anticipated fight of 2012 should it happen.



they invaded the octagon AGAIN!

second consecutive event!


according to the sources the UFC on FOX package will feature 2 fights televised until the end of the contract.

Well at least i hope it will be 2 awesome fights every card.


Still I bet Dana White was disappointed in the fight. I doubt that was very impressive to anyone new to the sport. Hell I'm kind of disappointed there wasn't more back and forth before the fight ended. I was curious to see if Cain could take JDS down or not and keep him on the ground. Surprised it ended that way.


Guida's one strength apart from his cardio is his grappling. I didn't see it that way. Guida was creating scrambles from side control proficiently. The times when Bendo seemed to disregard position were when there wasn't much point fighting to keep them (end of the round, compromised control). Though one thing I love about Bendo is that in situations like these, he will take a risk, posture and deliver hard shots.

Against Frankie, I don't see Bendo taking him down. Not from a shot, single or against the cage. Frankie is too good a grappler. When he is on his back, he's excellent at creating space/scrambles just in time (Penn fights, Maynard 2/3). Of course, there's the fact that Benson is just as, if not more, dynamic in grappling exchanges, and appears to be bigger and stronger.

On the feet, in the center of the cage, I think Frankie is more technically proficient. Bendo will look to cut him off into the cage. I think he'll do a better job of this than Gray since he tends to be more mobile.


It's a tough one. Neither guy really go for takedowns. Overeem does take advantage of trips though to get some GnP in. At the same time, both guys tend to stalk their opponents.

I'll say Reem will win if they fight at least the first few rounds. He'll take the center, use that double forearm defense to block punches, and land some good counters (Junior keeps his hands low). It'll be close though, and a relatively slow paced fight (which will be in Reem's favor).


I agree that both fighters striking defense should be the difference in this fight. Reem has excellent defense, always keeping his hands up high and using those bigass forearms to absorb blows, he's really calm in the pocket as well. JDS really doesnt keep his hands up ever. Both guys are fast and very powerful, but Reem will have the size and strength advantages, and he's also the quicker power puncher IMO because he doesnt telegraph punches like JDS does.

It's really hard to bet against Reem in any fight that you know is going to be a primarily kickboxing match.


this is one fight that i would never take credit for predicting right.