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UFC on Fox Predictions??


Post yours

J.D.S KO 2nd over Cain (layoff/ring rust/first fight back from injury)

Ben Henderson dec. over Guida (too quick and wins scrambles)

Garza sub. over Poirer (has KO, and Sub. of Night in last 2 fights)

Swanson KO 2nd over Lamas

DmJ dec. Harvison

Uyenoyama KO 3rd over Kid Yamomoto (no chin, and Japanese born always lose in UFC lol)


Ive got JDS, i think this fight will be more one-sided than people believe. Physically, hes the bigger/stronger/faster fighter but its just a horrible matchip for Cain IMO. I think JDS will be able to put his hands on Velasquez fairly easily, and if the Kongo fight was any indication that Cain's defense maybe can use some work, then he is in big trouble here.

I think any takedowns he may get will be hard fought and he will not be able to hold Dos Santos down if he does get the fight there.

Basically, i think Dos Santos will force him to fight a boxing match for the most part, one in which Velasquez gets picked apart over the course of 2 or 3 rounds before getting TKOd.


I've got Cain. I think he's tightened up a lot since the Kongo fight. He knows how to setup and get takedowns in the cage, and his top control is pretty good. He also did very well against Nog on the feet, who though shot, has good head movement and timing for a HW.

Junior has fought a similar level of competition, but no good strikers. He also hasn't fought anyone that can wrestle like Cain. The guys he's beaten have been good matchups for him (except Carwin, but I think most would agree it wasn't the same Carwin we were used to seeing).

Either way, tough fight to predict, like so many in the HW division. It's an exciting matchup because, looking at both fighter's past opponents and how they looked against them, Cain and JDS could be evenly matched, or one guy could dominate the other. Won't know till they fight.

Bendo over Guida: Ben does everything Clay does, but better.

Clay is one of those guys that can get the takedown, but nothing else. He doesn't have the ground skills to pass guard and do real damage/submit. His striking skills aren't on par with the division. He wins by outworking his opponents.

Ben isn't that different, but he's a much better striker and athlete all round. Plus, there's a certain aggression that Guida flat out lacks.

This is a really bad matchup for Clay. Bendo by decision.


I really like both fighters.

I'd give the edge to Cain, just because he's more well-rounded (Kick-boxing + wrestling) than JDS (boxing + defensive Jiujitsu). I feel like it's a pretty even standing but if it goes to the ground, Cain will end up on top and have a huge advantage. A submission from the bottom is always possible... but that this level, with two heavyweights, not likely.


2-2 even so far, J.D.S vs Velasquez


2-0 Bendo vs Guida


As stated above

Bendo does everything Guida does but at a higher level, i love Guida, but he won't be getting past this one. I predict a non-stop fight full of scrambles and elbows, Clay will be himself(read bleeding), a fight like this is a shame to be on the undercard as it is with Kid Yamamoto(the best shorts on MMA)

I'm going with Cain on this one. People look at JDS and says: "Oh, he beat Carwin, he even took him down! He got wrestling too."

No he doesn't taking down a gassed wrestler with a double-leg with 30 seconds left on the clock on the final round it's not knowing wrestling.

About the ground part if what i saw JDS rolling in bjj will be his game against Cain on the ground, expect the fight to end as it hit the ground.


Nothing against JDS, but I think he's by far the most overhyped guy in the UFC. His best win is against Carwin who hadn't fought in a year. If he'd fought a prime in shape Carwin that fight goes completely different. Everyone else he beat are has beens or never was's. If Velasquez is healthy and ready to go, he'll mop the floor with Dos Santos. If he's not, Dos Santos has a shot.


You can use that Carwin excuse of ring rust when JDS TKO's Cain.LOL

I see Henderson beating Guida with a "Bendo Guillotine".


Done. JDS by knockout.


Hate to say i told you so but.......wait yes i do! I TOLD YOU SO

I still dont see what people saw in Cain that they thought he had anything for Dos Santos. Too many of you guys are "on paper" analysts, and dont really have enough knowledge of the game to make your own decisions based on what you see, not what the record shows.

Very satisfying victory


Holy fuck. What just happened?

^And lol at "on paper" analysts. Dude, screwing up a fight pick, especially one like this, does not mean you don't know the "game". Browse through fighter's picks the next time you're free, hell look at the ones for this fight.

Anyone else feels for Dana White, now that the UFC's 30min buildup amounted to a 1 min fight? heheh


Dear God, you're worse than I am.


Not saying it would have mattered, but John McCarthy sucks. He did this in the Fedor Hendo fight too. Give the champ a chance to recover. Anyway it's pretty funny that the fight that got pulled from Fox ended up being the better fight (referring to Bendo Guida).


Well according to Sherdog's "pro's picks" the fighters heavily favored JDS, though i dont ever base my fight picks on the media. I still maintain that the reason so many people heavily favored Cain was because they have no idea about the less obvious aspects of style matchups. Everyone hates on MMAth, (which yes in most cases doesnt work) but sometimes knowing what happened in a fighters past fights (regardless if they got the win) can tell you a lot about how they are going to do against another opponent.

I KNEW that JDS would win this fight, not because im a fan boy, but because ive accurately analyzed the past successes/mistakes each fighter has made in their career and am able to tell how those things will become apparent based on their next matchups. I really dont think this one was hard to call at all. I did think it would go into at least the second round, but still with similar results.

For the record, i dont like either JDS or Cain, it was just an obvious horrible stylistic matchup for Cain.


Most of those guys were Brazilians, hahah.

I hear what you're saying, but it was not that clear cut to me. For one these guys don't have 30+ plus fights or amateur records. They improve from fight to fight. Second, neither have fought a lot of true high level competition. Junior hasn't even really met any adversary, so we don't have a gauge of his weaknesses.

Looking back on it, you were right of course, bad style matchup, I just thought Cain would fare better standing up and would be able to mix it up more, ring rust or not.


well I was 4-2, happy about getting the headliner and co headliner fight right, but really disappointed that Cub Swanson lost. He is way better than that.

@ audiogarden, that's a really harsh view lol. Sometimes fights (especially HW) are just too unpredictable to pick.

Though this one was pretty easy for me. I was always a little suspect of Cain's stand up. Reason being that since his take downs/wrestling is so good, that it actually made his stand up look better than it actually was. Then comes J.D.S, who's take down defense is second to none in the HW division. Totally bad match up for Cain in that respect. I don't think JDS ever feared or respected getting taken down by Cain, as Cain's other opponents have.

As for Edgar/Bendo coming up, that will be one interesting fight. It'll be a toss up IMO. I think Cerrone with eventually grab that LW title BTW.


Very interesting that LW title fight.

I'll have rewatch some of Bendo's and Frankie's fights again to say for 'sure', but I think Frankie can outwork him on the outside like he usually does.


Most of the fighters were Brazilian, which is exactly why i said i dont let the media influence my predictions.

And you are right, neither of the guys have any really definitive points in their careers that dont have some sort of questionable variables (old age, past their prime, ring rust, not enough experience, one dimensional, blah blah blah) but to me this was one of those matchups that was fairly easy to predict based on their styles and past matchups.


Some fights are very unpredictable. IMO this was not one of them. HW or not.

And yes, i would like to see Cerrone as champ too, it is possible but i dont know if it will happen. The Bendo/Edgar fight will tell us a lot about Cerrone's future.


I would like to say that Bendo is too dynamic and explosive for Edgar but as much as i hate to admit it, i am not willing to count Edgar out at this point.