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UFC on Fox: Diaz vs. Miller Live Stream


Watch UFC on FOX 3 Live - Diaz vs Miller live online streaming 5-5-2012 here. UFC on Fox 3: Diaz vs. Miller is an upcoming mma event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on May 5, 2012 at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.



Oooh, that's going to be tough. Mayweather's fighting tomorrow too!!!

Nevertheless this looks like a pretty solid card.

Not a big fan of the Diaz bros so I won't really be supporting Nate.

Other picks: Hendricks, Palhares, Johnson.


I think Miller takes this. Too strong, too good a grappler. He won't be afraid to take Nate to the ground (like Cerrone was). He also knows he'll get his shit pushed in if he trades in the pocket. The fight is his to lose.

Paul Harris is taking a leg with his voodoo JiuJitsu, and giving everyone in the MW division nightmares in the process.

Pretty sure the Kos/Hendricks match will be contested on the feet. No clue what Hendricks standup skills are like other than he fucked up Fitch and Amir in short affairs. Really should've paid attention to that cat. I think we can all agree Kos' standup is limited at best.

Also, WAR Patrick Barry the sixth.


Team Moraes!!!


Miller will decision Nate and it won't be a spectacular or a close fight.

Paul Harris via referee stoppage, torn off limb.

I'm with rundymc on Kos - Hendricks, they'll probably slug it out. I've got my money on Kos but its only because I haven't seen more standup action from Hendricks either and I know that despite lacky standup fundamentals Kos has atleast more experience in that department and has taken a few more punches in the face during his career so maybe that will carry him through. Should be pretty close though.

Also Karlos Vemola on the card, always looking forward to that crazy fucker fighting.


Diaz submission
Belcher tko
Hendricks KO


Diaz like his brother is a scum. But while they are both low life scum bags they can fight quite well. No predictions.


If this was a 3 round fight, id say miller. But, since its a 5 rounder, that always gives Nate the advantage. Cause like his brother, he never gets tired and in the only fights hes lost as a light weight, he came on strong in the 3rd. with 2 extra rounds, it will be a close fight now. could go either way.


Why exactly are they scum bags. They both train and work hard. They teach kids martial arts, they are loyal to their family and friends. Don't go by their demeaner during interviews, cause especially nick, he hates that part of the game. But they both good guys.


Do you know them?


I don't think its a big advantage, Miller isn't excacly known for gassing easily either.


Looks like Belcher still has both legs..congrats.

Team Moraes BJJ.


Damn!!! I was pretty close.


Do you know them?

Nate has actually grown on me. I wanted him to lose every time he fought, but now I root for him.
I've always been a Nick Diaz fan.


Dissapointed at Miller, don't see Nate beating Edgar or Bendo though. Edgar will outbox him, shouldn't be too bothered by the reach and I think his footwork beats Diaz's, could mix it up with takedowns too. Bendo is going to fuck him up what ever way he feels most comfortable with, either kicking his head till he drops or slamming his face to the ground until he stops.

Very impressed by Belcher, few men have survived Paul Harris's guard, even fewer have finished him there. Still, kinda seemed like Paul Harris should've had something left for Belcher when he started pounding on him, but he just took it. His mental aspect is pretty much the only thing that I think will stop him on his way to taking home champ's leg and belt is, sometimes it just seems like he isn't there 100%.

Wtf happened to Barry? Vemola got his W, haven't watched that yet, haven't watched Hendricks - Kos either but it seems like it was close.


You like them? Great! I think they're scum bags. To each his own.

I don't like all the trash talking and profanity and unsportsmanlike conduct (plenty of kids watch this stuff). Like in the ring last night putting his hands up and talking to Miller. The Diaz brothers come off like morons for doing things like that.

I hope Henderson twists him in knots and punches his lights out.

But like I said earlier I have no predictions. While I dislike their antics I grudgingly admit that both Diaz brothers are very good fighters


I gave Kos rounds one and three. I was surprised at the decsion.


i thought kos lost the fight, he even acted like it when done.
what's up with pat barry? he's making some really bad choices, really stand there and not move?
not rope a dope for sure!


Super, super impressed with Belcher. I was sweating when they were playing footies.


Damn, Nate's been working on that wrestling. I fully expected Miller to be able to take advantage of that hole in his game like Clay did, but Nate's obviously improved. Once he realized grappling with the guy wasn't an option, he was limited to striking with a taller, longer lightweight with superior boxing... he got beat up, lol. Good showing by both though, Miller came to fight.

I still have no clue how Paul Harris lost. The look on his face when Belcher ended up in his guard was just... odd. It's like he wasn't there anymore. Sick skills shown by Belcher, the only thing he did wrong in that round was give Paul that leg. Picked up some cool leg lock defense watching him, lol.

Poor Patrick Barry :(((