UFC on FOX 4

While I am as big a Machida nuthugger as I am a Fedor crotumlicker, I feel non enthusiastic about my favourite urine-sampling tsuki puncher going against Jones again.

It’s a bad matchup, just as it was the first time.
Jones is HUGE, and his armlength is the biggest part of that HUGE.
On top of that, he is pretty loose and spontanous.
That makes countering very hard.
It doesn’t help that Lyoto counters usually by exploding forward full blast.

Now he’s even lighter, he wasn’t even 205 lbs, was he?

On the other hand, Dan Henderson is tailer made for Machida.
So if he wind, perhaps Karate WILL be back - again?

[quote]Big_Boss wrote:
Ryan Bader…geesh…man. Striking 101…of what NOT to do against a strong counter-striker. [/quote]

Doesn’t he wrestle? Coulda swore I’ve seen him wrestle people. Why didn’t he wrestle?

Never looked like he was there for anything but the wrong end of a highlight.

The Lauzon / Varner fight was FotN to me. Great pace, action packed, back and forth, excellent finish.

Vera can’t win fights, but at least he looked like he was game for this one. Somewhat. Shogun looks great for about 1 minute each round, but his cardio is just atrocious; doesn’t look like they care to even address it in camp.

Everything pretty much went as it should have on the main card, no surprises here. Still having a hard time understanding how people act so disappointed in Vera. Even when he was a top prospect, he was beating up guys like Assuerio Silva and A fat out of shape post-accident Frank Mir. Cant really use those guys as benchmarks when you’re throwing him in with 205’s elite.

I really do think the current Machida is better and has more killer instinct than the Machida that held the belt, its a damn shame Jones has such a stranglehold on the division because Machida could be dominating the same way if Jones werent around.

I still think machida has the best chance at 205 to beat Jones, and im sure it will be a good fight, but i still have Jones winning (and yes this is assuming Jones smashes Hendo, which he will)

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
That was as exciting a card as I’ve ever seen. Each fight was fucking awesome. Think Bader was frustrated and was looking for the homerun. I really liked the Rua/Vera fight, and thought that Vera might do it a couple of different times. The Swick fight was great. Does anyone here really think Machida has a shot against Jones? That’s not shit talking, I’m legitimately curious.[/quote]

He’s the only one out of the contenders who has actually made Jon Jones look beatable. He won the first round against him in their first fight, before getting choked out in the second.

But while he has the best shot, it’s still not really a good shot. Jones has no real challenger.

Great card, it’s crazy how a card this good was free, while UFC 149 was allowed to suck as much as it did.

In light of the fact that Jon Jones looks like he’ll clean out the entire LHW division by the end of the year, what do people think of Jones fighting at HW? He’ll still have the reach, but where he was way to big for the others at LHW, he’ll actually be one of the lighter HW’s if he becomes one (IIRC he walks around normally in the 230s? ).

How do you see Jon Jones doing against guys like Cain Velasquez, JDS, and Overeem?

Disappointed my man Phil Davis pulled a NC, but it looks like they’re on again for UFC on FX 5.

Shogun is shot, people all over Brazil(me included) almost had an heart-attack with his piss-poor performance.

Everybody knows that Shogun doesn’t like to be pushed in training and both his knees are gone.

Game plan? hah! just rely on your titanium chin and heavy hands.

Guess why Ninja wasn’t in his corner? They disagreed with each other regarding Shogun preparation for this fight, Ninja doesn’t likes Dida’s coaching methods.

His new manager is a douche that surrounds Shogun since PRIDE days, Alonso did a much better job and the guy can’t even speak english right. Everytime someone tried to push Shogun in training(like Cordeiro or Alonso trying to find better sparring, or telling Shogun to move to Sao Paulo that he would get better training overe there) he would just quit.

His corner was Sergio Moraes(the TUF bjj specialist) and Dida, it was awful hearing Sergio Moraes who is a 0 on stand-up department giving instructions do Shogun.

His sparring partners for this fight? LOL! in the video you can see a 20 years old welter-weight with Shogun.

Truth is quit cheering for Shogun in the middle of the third round and started rooting for Vera.

Shogun is turning to be the biggest waste of talent since Paulo Filho and Ricardo Arona and maybe i should thank his performance that way he won’t get manslaughtered by Jon Jones one more time.

But i do fear for his health, he will have serious problems later in his life if he continues to fight like this. Please Retire Shogun, from a long time fan, nothing would make me happier.

In case you haven’t read this already:

I have not. Thank you.

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In case you haven’t read this already:

i have, i love those breakdowns i’m leaning buying his e-book, his technique analysis is always spot-on.