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UFC on Bill O'Reilly


I dont know if anyone else saw it, but I think dana and rich were horrible. The UFC should hire someone to do all of their media interviews. Dana telling Bill twice that there are no serious injuries or deaths from the sport seems to be his calling card wherever he goes.

It's a great example that the sport has been safer than many others, but you're not going to win a debate that easily with a spin doctor like him. And Rich saying he would rather fight than work in a chemical plant and get cancer from fumes? makes me think o'reilly slipped him a c-note to throw that in.

Has anyone seen the movie "Thank you for smoking", that's the kind of guy they need. The president has a press secretary, why not the UFC?
I say dana white should hire bill clinton, he would've went on O'reilly and convinced him to come to arlovski/silvia.


I didn't see it, could you provide more details on what exactly o'reilly was saying?

Too bad dana cant just say, "This is america, and if two adults want to get into a cage and beat the hell out of each other, they ought to be allowed."


That was the biggest load of ass ever. An uninformed Bill and two guys who were terrible representations of MMA. They should have brought their lawyer with them, or at least someone from their high school debate team.

I boxed for two years in the army and nothing compares to getting punched in the head 50 or more times in one night. As quick as they stop the MMA fights these days, MMA is much more humane and safer. O'Reily and his fucking witch hunts with no background thought.


I saw it and agree that Dana White messed up. The simplest answer was to say that UFC is different from boxing in that you are not trying to knock your opponent out.

O'Reilly brought up Mohammad Ali and Dana should have mentioned that Ali willingly took punches to the head while MMA fighters go to the mat for a submission the majority of the time.


I am so FUCKING tired of journalists, coulumnists, etc...talking about how brutal MMA is. Did anyone catch Outside the Lines a few weeks ago? Some sports journalists was labeling MMA as a bunch of guys bashing their brains out. Like O'Reily, I guarantee you they've never actually watched a fight. They see a highlight reel that convienantly has the hardest knock downs and assume all fights are like that. Most fights are kind of boring (I consider them "technical")and are over in about 2 minutes.

Besides, it's funny how these guys have no problem with football, the most brutal sport there is. People have been paralyzed playing football. However, as soon as there is a freak accident in MMA (and it will happen), the media will be all over it.

Now I'm all worked up, damnit!


the freak accident already happened. a guy died, but he had a serious pre-existing condition, i believe it was a heart abnormality. i think it was in the Ukraine, and i'm pretty sure that they didn't do very thorough (if any) physicals for the fighters in that event. in any case, the mass-media and over-zealous politicians amazingly didn't really latch onto the story, and the story kind of fizzled out.


No one really gives a fuck about the Ukraine. I mean, even Africa gets lip service at least. But the Ukraine? Who gives a shit?


"Ukraine is game to you?! Howbout I take your little board and smash


Yeah, I saw that last night and I agree Franklin and White didn't seem prepared. Franklin looked pretty horrible and didn't do himself any favors with any of his Bonehead comments. White seemed to have a few key phrases he had planned out and kept using over and over just as someone had mentioned. I know for a fact I could have done a better job of defending MMA than those two. It's too bad.


i didnt see the interview, but i read it. im not sure if that makes a difference or not, but in my opinion, i thought dana and rich did a good job of defending the sport. it was oreilly that sounded ignorant and uninformed to me.

i wish some people would take the time to actually learn about something before giving in to its stereotype. sure, its fighting, but if they had any idea of the professionalism with which mma fighters handle their job he would think differently about asking some of the questions he asked.


Regarding the medical study O'Reilly quoted...


It seems like the author uses The Bill Frist Method. I'm not sure how making medical judgements based on "publicly available video footage" qualifies as good research.


would my post have had more weight behind it if i said it happened in europe (or russia, since many think ukraine is part of russia), not in the ukraine specifically? All i'm saying is that a death did occur at an mma event a few years ago, and even though there has only ever been one documented death at an mma event (compared to the thousands that have happened in boxing and football), i'm still surprised that the media didn't latch onto it and blow it out of proportion.

also, it's not like the event where the death occured was some local, amateur event between weekend warriors. sure, it wasn't pride, but it was still a professional event.


The death in ukraine was a freak accident, if you have seen the vid, there is nothing that indicates that any serious trauma have occured before the doc comes running.


I agree that Franklin and White aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, but we have to look at this in context.

Bill O'Reilly is a professional at this; he has his points lined up to fire at Dana and Rich, and as they feebly fend off his arguements, he is looking at his next point and simply interrupts them when he is ready.

White and Franklin played right into Bill's hands as well. Instead of changing the subject or countering Bill's point with a question of their own, they simply stayed on the defensive the whole time. Granted, they were on national TV, the pressure has got to be terrible, but they knew that they were going on TV to be made fools of and attacked, they should've been ready.

Franklin especially had several opportunities, but instead chose to make moronic declarations like "at least I'm not working in a chemical plant, so I won't get cancer!"


Has that been verified? Last I heard, it was still just a rumour.


It wasn't the best showing on the UFC's part. O'Reilly made asked some ludicrious questions like, "What's next? Are they going to put lions in the ring?"


Oh well, I'm still watching tomorrow night.


Douglas Dedge


I'm sure a lot of you have seen this clip. I remember hearing about it when it happened years ago. I was under the impression the guy suffered a broken neck died in the ring. This is a "Best of Tank Abbott" clip. It's about half way through. You can't miss it.



White should have just choked O'Reilly out......


not even close. if you'd seen the whole fight, the guy regains consciousness shortly and makes a full recovery. it just looked really bad because he was knocked out on his feet and landed in a really strange position, probably because of his proximity to the fence.