UFC Nov. 22

Just saw an add in the pay per view magazine promoting the next UFC Nov. 22. I could’nt believe it, Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock. Finally we’ll see this grudge come to the ring. I’m definately looking forward to this one.

Very cool. Oh, and a good luck to Jason Braswell and his match this weekend!

Just saw this in Fight News:

"Separate pay-per-view events featuring Roy Jones Jr. vs John Ruiz and Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko are in the works for early March, however networks don't like to schedule PPV shows close together, so one will likely be moved. "


Right on. I’ve been a Ken Shamrock fan for many years now. Can’t wait for the 22nd!

I thought Lewis wasn’t going to fight Klitschko as he felt he wasn’t a worthy opponent. Personally, I would like to see Lewis go down, but he’s so skilled…I don’t know.

I’m interested in the Jones/Ruiz fight. I can’t stand RJ,Jr., but the man can fight.

Thanks, Patricia. Shammy won’t be a pushover, but my bet’s on Tito via 3rd round TKO.

Keep in mind, he’s fighting (IF this happens), Vitali - NOT Vladimer (whom I think the better of the two).

I may have to check this one out. should be good, but I think Tito will win.

Lewis may fight Vitali, the older brother and WBC #1 contender, not Wladimir the WBO champ, and #1 contender as ranked by fightnews and Ring magazine. Funny how Vitali is worth his time, but Wladimir is not. Vitali is also coming back from an injury. Can you say "dodge"?

As for Roy, I wonder how he is going to get to 200 pounds by March? Hope they wave the drug test.

I HATED Ken Shamrock, until he left the WWF, and I found out about his UFC background, and the Lions Den and seen a few of his old fights on old UFC videos. I cant wait to see him fight again. This I swear will be about the only time in my life I buy a PPV.Anyone know if the man has his own website?

I dont think jones will have a whole lot of problem getting to 200lbs, he probably walks around at around 190 when not in training camp. Also I have heard that they may wave the weight requirment, much like they did when Billy Conn fought Joe louis years and years ago…

Shamrock by leglock-just a guess. Not convinced that Ortiz has really been tested. Styles make fights and this one should be good. Shamrock has so much experience and he may really focus in on this one, considering his brother Frank beat Ortiz. I like Tito but he’s been on a roll for some time now and very few people stay on long rolls in this sport. Tito won’t intimidate him so it’s gonna be on!

Jones might have a tough time with Ruiz. Not that Jones would not win, but Ruiz fights so awkward, it may be a pretty boring fight with Jones in a decision.

Ortiz Shamrock Who Cares! Royce Gracie is King!

I wondered how long till someone mentioned a Gracie.

Royce Gracie hasn’t won a fight since UFC 4. He is a good jiu jitsu guy but everyone trains in jiu jitsu now. Fighters can’t win today without crosstraining. Royce has made a decision not to crosstrain and it has cost him. If you want to see a good Gracie fighter watch Ryan Gracie. He is the new breed of Gracie that actually crosstrains in other styles.

Yeah honestly I didn’t know crap about ufc,but I went to the Ji jutsi club at my college tonight and I"ve learned that Royce Gracie would get his ass kicked if he fought today. They had this guy there who gets taught by one of the gracies in new york city twice a week,it was cool.

They got Mir on the card too. How do you think his performance will be after he was taken apart by a very driven Ian Freeman?

MBE: “MMA MBE since 1603.”


It’s true that Tito has not really been tested since his fight with Frank (The better of the Shamrocks, imo). However, he has really improved since then and Ken is going to have to spend a lot of time fighting off his back. I see Tito GnPing his way to a decision or ref stoppage.

Frank is not the better of the two Shamrocks. I believe Frank would be the first one to tell you that Ken schooled him every time they sparred in training. Ken is definitely the better of the two, the size and strength issue just doesn?t’ go in Frank’s favour and Ken has plenty of skills. Size and strength does make a huge difference no matter how many small guys will try to tell you different. Just look at Bob Sapp, he has about 1 years worth of training and is kicking some serious ass because of his size and strength advantage. Sapp gave the number 1 heavyweight (minotauro) in mma the fight of his life. Minotauro has been training his entire life. Sapp is also kicking some ass in K-1. Ken might prove to be too strong for Tito. Tito just isn’t used to fighting guys that are stronger than him. Plus Ken has never been taken down in mma and Tito doesn’t like to get hit. Tito will be forced to stand and trade which is just not his game.