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UFC Live on VERSUS 5 Hardy VS Lytle



It was better than most numbered UFC's lately. Joe Silva must be proud, almost every fight from under to main card was action-packed.

Sadollah VS Ludwig

What was the problem with Sadollah corner? one of the worst strategies I've seen lately, spending 3 times trading blows with an accomplished strike like Duane is simply stupid.

I really liked how he employed the frequent use of elbows on his striking combinations, Amir was simply outmatched and went with dumbest gameplan possible for this kind of fighter he was facing.

Cerrone VS Oliveira

I was expecting this, Charles defense is FULL of holes, he is too rash and offensive-minded. He was never on the same level as Donald regarding striking technique and the most glaring one, physical difference. Charles doesn't cut any weight to fight at 155lbs and is very weak and small, he would be better at the 145lbs in my opinion.

Bendo VS Miller

What can i say? Bendo must go directly to the title-shot, he simply outworked Miller and shows he fights on another level his gas tank is huge and elbows are deadly, non-stopping offense and impossible to sub. I expect him as the LW champion by 2012.

Lytle VS Hardy

Lytle is a showman, always going to stand and bang even when facing a striker that was easily "subbable", it's a shame he is retiring, but he is gonna make part of the select elite that retired while on the top. Nothing bad getting 10 bonuses thorough his UFC career that amount to 525,000US$ and a Harley Davidson as a farewell gift.

Hardy was never UFC material, i wonder what his value is to the UFC, since 2007 they have been doing less and less shows on England, and besides his striking, which isn't spectacular, i wonder what's the reason for keeping him after his 4th straight loss. He was gun-shy throughout all the fight and made me wonder what the hell was he thinking when he went for take-down on the closing minutes of the 3rd round. He lost in all possible ways. Decision, Sub, K.O. , he needs to SERIOUSLY revamp himself, otherwise he will make a good addition for the BAMMA rooster.

Closing in: GSP couldn't sub Hardy, WAR DIAZ! =)



wait, you quoted everything just to say "they both suck" and "NO"





So...a fight in which both guys stay with what they're comfortable with(striking)...and produce an entertaining fight...and all you can say is that they both suck??? sigh Another reminder why I don't post much here much lately. Too many estrogen-raged boys.

Back to the topic:

This was hands down...one of the best nights of fights the UFC has hosted in a while. Surprised more people hadn't posted about it already. Dan Hardy finally received what he asked for.....no shame in his performance, but they're not many "Lytle" type fighters at 170 who want to "bang". He has to evolve at some point or he is done. I personally want to see him vs. Thiago Alves next.

You can argue against Henderson not being champ by 2012...but at this point you can't argue that he isn't a contender. Henderson makes a bad style match-up for Guida....will be interesting to see.

BUT...my man Cerrone is gonna be back in the mix soon. Cowboy is gonna fly under the radar...then bomb LW division,imo.



Bendo Versus Guida would definetely a good setup for the next Challenger.

Maybe Guillard versus Cerrone too?


Agreed on both, though Melvin and Donald are team mates.

Awesome night of fights. Bendo/Miller was a real eye opener for me. I had no idea Henderson was quite at that level, even after Bocek.

Not sure I see him beating Maynard or Edgar, but he has a chance, especially against Frankie.


I think he has a chance against both Maynard and Edgar


Edgar's footwork would be too much, maybe Maynard although I could see him still out muscling benderson.


This X 10.

It may not be relavent, but it would be a great fight.
I wanted Maia vs Leitas at 185 for the grappling, same deal.


Robert A


Damn Son Big Boss blew up the spot.

nice to see you here.

Very good ending for Lytle
what is not to like?
dude has brought it in just about ever fight he has Been in since loosing to Matt Serra.
He can do it all - but chooses to bang with wild shots
good work for lytle and so smart to retire just as you feel the tide starting to shift

Hardy - I think it says allot about how fast the game move- working up to his title shot he looked pretty rugged.
Now he looks timid.

Ben Henderson- Impressed me in how he roughed housed Jim Miller
I think he has speed enough for Edgar but would need to turn it into a clinch-brawl.
He is a bad match up for lots of people- he does allot , better then most
particularly how he hustles or scrambles.

on an equally nice note.
Jens Pulver- won a figt this weekend too-
he should retire now that he is out of the red


Just let lil'evil retire when he wishes, nobody can convince him otherwise, not even WOW could stop him =( i just hope he keeps getting cans and retire happy.


I saw a few sites where the event will be shown. I think Ustream has a ppv version. Justin has some channels. Greenfeedz.com has a good feed.