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'UFC is Staged'


Now this isn't my words! I was watching ESPN 1st and 10. The topic of Brock Lesnar's bullshit antics came up. One of the analysts said:

"It seems like pro wrestling to me. It seems staged. And from the few fights I've seen, it looks like they're pulling there punches"

Now this is a seasoned analyst commented on the UFC. What will it take for the UFC to be taken seriously by sports analyst.


What a fucking retard. Yeah it's staged, that's why people get chocked out, knocked out, and fucked up all the time. Look at pro wrestling, that's staged. Now tell me the UFC looks anything like that. Now I'm not saying it's not like any other sport and there isn't some level of corruption, I mean look at the Belcher fight from this weekend. But staged? Fuck all that.

Also what experience or expertise does this analyst have that would make him a legitimate figure to analyze such a thing?


Lol did the guy see Mir's face after the fight. Yea you can stage half your face swelling up like that...


lol great avatar


I agree completely.

I think we should put this analyst in the octagon with any UFC fighter so he can see exactly how "staged" it is.


I heard one ESPN analyst say Randy's name, and pronounced his last name like this (Coor-chore) WTF?! Randy Fuckin Couture? A LEGEND, and the analyst can't say his name? Sounds like ESPN needs to sign some retired MMA fighters to the show in a hurry!




The world is full of assholes and most of them are on tv. Giving there opinions in the hopes that someone gives a shit what they think. I never watch those dickheads because if they don't know about something they simply make shit up. They're like weather reporters, it doesn't matter if they get it wrong, they still get paid.


You do realize that if guys with the level of conditioning and training that these guys have really went at each other, there would be deaths? People in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives?

Of course its fake, for crissakes! Its brutal as hell, no doubt of that. But if someone got killed or bones broke through skin on TV, mommy and daddy will turn off Junior's entertainment and there go the advertizing dollars.

Its all a fake as a $3 bill.


thats very untrue. UFC is real fighting. There are rules in place to protect the fighters. The reason there aren't deaths or paralyzations is because of how well each fighter is trained. They have trained theyre bones muscles and central nervous system to withstand great amounts of force and pain. Notice that these are professional fighters, not your every day average joe that stepping into the octagon here. It's not fake. And its not like its a free for all brawl, like i said before there are rules in place to protect the fighters.



Don't feed the troll....he's just trying to stir the pot with his lack of knowledge.

With his logic,people that go to military academies are fake soldiers.


Might not be UFC but broken bones do happen:


pro wrestling is staged, but mma and boxing is not.


Ask Bisping if Henderson pulled any punches.


UFC is the real deal! Remember how Lesnar's glancing blow put Randy down? That dude is thunder!




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weren't u the dumbass who just said UFC is fake?


For the love of God tell me it wasn't Skip that said this shit.